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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by jeeptj1978, May 23, 2014.

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    A week ago I went on Amazon and bought a couple newer books. Had some time to read these some and skim all the way through.

    The Ultimate Survival Guide (Outdoor Life), is a very cool format. It is not much depth on most topics. Pretty much a lot of tips. A lottt of tips on all kinds of stuff. I have to say a lot is handy info. Just not necessarily high detail or anything. Good for the beginner and maybe the well rounded prepper.

    Survival Theory, is a lot of hardcore survival and paramilitary info. You can tell it was written by somebody that instructed somewhere. It's like a military manual that has personal experience between the lines. A lot of great info you may having current medical manuals, how to thoroughly plan, all kinds of info that makes the reader stop and think awhile.

    All that said, the Outdoor Life book made me decide to buy The Total Outdoorsman Manual (Field & Stream) too.

    Any other new titles worth grabbing?

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    Thanks, Yard Dart. The review on Contact looks great. I know I have seen something from that author somewhere....some names you can't forget haha. I will certainly see if a friend has a copy or order it this weekend.
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