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Couple of new folders

Discussion in 'Blades' started by sharpeblades, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. sharpeblades

    sharpeblades Monkey+

    Here are a couple of folders i just finished and i thought i would share with you
    004.JPG 009.JPG 011.JPG 016.JPG 019.JPG
  2. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    I like the mix on CF and wood.
  3. sharpeblades

    sharpeblades Monkey+

    Thank you sir
  4. Sapper John

    Sapper John Analog Monkey in a Digital World

    Beautiful knives sharpeblades...
  5. sharpeblades

    sharpeblades Monkey+

    Thank you for the kind words
  6. goinpostal

    goinpostal Monkey+

    Very nice!!
  7. sharpeblades

    sharpeblades Monkey+

    Matt thank you sir
  8. Yoldering

    Yoldering Monkey++

    Wow, those look really nice. Is that second one bone?
  9. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    I see you still putting out High Quality Blades....
    Very Nice.!!!!
  10. sharpeblades

    sharpeblades Monkey+

    New folders

    Thank you gentlemen
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