Couple opinion pieces with vids on the 2nd and terrorism

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    Postin em for those that might be interested... these are opinions...

    Colion Noir Shows Off The Top 4 Most Valuable Guns

    Do you know what the top four most valuable guns are?

    Watch Colion Noir count them down and shoot them up!

    How a Pro-American President Would Fight ISIS in America

    If we had a president who believed in the Second Amendment, here’s what Dom Raso says that president would say to our fellow Americans about the threat of radical Islamic terror.

    Unfortunately, we’ll never hear that speech from Obama.

    So it’s up to us to arm and train ourselves and take the responsibility of protecting ourselves and our loved ones into our own hands.

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    Most valuable gun is the one you have...NOW
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  3. Ura-Ki

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    +1 for the One you have in your hands when the need arises! Still, Love Colion, I WANT him for El Presedente'!!!
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