Cracked frame on a 3032 Beretta Tomcat

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Yoldering, Sep 4, 2011.

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    I acquired a Beretta Tomcat that has a broken frame on the right side of the frame around where the pin slides in. I have read other forums on the net about this same problem. My question here is has any one been able to get one of these repaired or replaced? I have no confidence in the 3032 model and will never buy another one of this same model.

    From what I understand this happens quite often on this model and Beretta customer service is hit-or-miss...I have seen no recall issue.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    I personally have seen this happen twice with these junk pistols - once while I was shooting it! Hate to call a Beretta pistol 'junk', but this particular design is.
    Every company has it's 'Pinto'........ :rolleyes:

    I suspect the hinge area is simply too thin for even the wee .32 cartridge. Never heard of the same happening with the rimfire version.

    I don't know what to do about it, unless Beretta will replace or reimburse for a known defect.
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    from the highroad .org forum...

    So, a couple a months ago I pull out my Beretta Tomcat Alleycat to give it a lube and cleaning. I haven't shot it in a while because I don't reload .32 ACP and ammo is expensive. To tell the truth, I haven't shot it much at all since I bought it years ago, and when I did, it was with Walley World white box ammo.

    Well, while I have the gun out, I decide to do a search on the internet about Tomcats and it led me to a thread here, which led me to one on that discusses cracked frames and is complete with pictures. Guess what - my gun's frame was cracked in exactly the same place as everyone elses. I guess that explains the FTFs I was having on my last outing...

    The recommendation on the forum was to call Beretta Customer Service, so I give them a call. I finally reach someone and his responce was - you got to send the gun in to Beretta. I mention that this appears to be a common problem and the Customer Service guy is non-committal, but repeats - just send the gun in. Will Beretta send me a shipper? - no they do not provide that service.

    So, it's off to FedEx where it costs me almost $50 to send the gun via overnight delivery. I get a letter several weeks later from Beretta letting me know they received my gun along with info about Beretta's warrenty being one year and you will be charged a $70 evaluation fee plus additional charges for repairs if your gun is out of warrenty. Yes - it would have been nice if the Customer Service guy mentioned some of this when I was on the phone with him....

    I get a call last week from Beretta and the person tells me my gun is no longer serviceable because of the cracked frame and it has also been discontinued, so no replacement parts are avaialble. But they would be able to send me an INOX Tomcat for $178. I ask a few questions:

    Is there, or will there be a recall on the blued discontinued on the Tomcats do to the problem with cracked frames?


    Why did Beretta discontinue the model then?

    I don't know.

    The INOX Tomcat is bigger and heavier than the blued one. It's really a little too big for a pocket gun. Besides, I no longer have confidence in this model, can I get a discount on another gun instead?

    No. This offer is only being extended on the INOX Tomcat. Your gun is out of warrenty, but Beretta is still extending this offer to you.

    I told the Customer Service Rep that I would have to think about what I will do. She also said I can get my gun back if I sign some kind of document that says I agree the gun is no longer safe to shoot. Still haven't called them back yet, as I am not sure I want to spend another $180 on a gun that is going to remind me of this whole experience. I guess I can always buy it and turn around and sell it to recoup some of my losses....

    If you happen to have a blued Tomcat, I have the following suggestions:

    Do not count on this gun in a life or death situation. The frames are prone to cracking, rendering the gun unserviceable, even using standard pressure ball ammo.

    Pull off the slide and look at the top of the frame. The crack appears on the right side, through to a small hole in the frame. There is a pic or two at

    If you do have a cracked frame, Call Beretta and insist they send you a shipper - offer to pay for it. It's got to be much less expensive than FedEx. Beretta does not care how much it costs you to send a gun to them.

    If your gun is less than 1 year old they will probably send you an INOX Tomcat for free. If your gun is more than 1 year old or you bought it used you may get the same offer I did. If you don't want to spend $180 plus shipping costs to Beretta, take your gun to a gun buy back program and get what you can for it.

    If anyone knows how to get Beretta to replace an older gun for free - please share it with the rest of us. I've always been a fan of Beretta (especially their shotguns), but my experience with this Tomcat has really put a damper on my enthusiasm. It's going to be a long time before I even think about buying another Beretta.


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    From what I understand, Beretta might offer to let me sent in the tomcat on my dime, charge me $70 to inspect it, tell me it is un-serviceable, then maybe offer me the INOX Tomcat for about $180 in exchange. Has anyone ever had the same type of offer?
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    Wow Witch Doctor, we just read and posted about the exact same post...
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    WOW! That is sad to hear. My first service pistol was a M9. After that I was issued a 92F (not FS) with am organization I worked for. I have always been a Beretta fan but after this story I do not think I will buy a Beretta. That is poor customer service. Major manufacturers typically stand by their products. If Beretta is not willing to do this, I would go elsewhere. Sorry to hear about your problems.
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    WOW!!! this sucks!! im a paraplegic and purchased the 3032 because it was easy for me to carry.. i like to conceal and thought this would be the perfect gun for me, being in a wheelchair and all.. i came across this today because i was out shooting my tomcat, like i do from time to time, and well, 3rd mag 2nd round the trigger was stuck completely back along with the hammer.. couldnt move either of them.. so i popped the slide off, yall are talking about cracks, mine had a big chunk that broke off on the right side just like what yall are describing about the cracks.. now some people may say mine has been cracked for a while but, when it comes down to something that may save my life one day, i clean and inspect both my guns every time i shoot them, plus i was only on my 2nd box of 50 on the .32 tomcat. my other gun being a S&W model 36 j frame, 2" barrel.. since i like to conceal, the S&W is a little big and heavy so, i bought this wonderful 3032 because of the ease of carry and quick draw from where i conceal.. just like most stories ive seen tonight, been checking forums since around 7 or 8 p.m. till now, its almost 1:30 a.m. now.. i just can not find one good thing about the 3032 or beretta customer service.. the first thing i did when i got home was write beretta a letter explaining my year and a half year old beretta just had a big chunk that flow off the frame by one of the pins. in the letter i stated what they are going to do to stand behind their product, but after reading everything on the net, my hopes have been crushed.. what a shame, last time i buy from them.. sounds like id be better parting out mine and try to save for a 380 taurus pistol or something else small.. any suggestions welcome.. i think they are cheaper and more reliable.. not completely sure, have not done all my home work yet but, i do like my buddies 380.. pretty much same size i believe.. may be a little bigger but it didnt seem so shooting it.. one less round but, what would you trust your life with??? for know i will carry my trusty .38 S&W that has the 2" barrel.. and much more accurate than my 3032 was.. was it just me or did anyone else have problems shooting a tight group at 15ft with their tomcat? the 2" barrel S&W .38 i can pull off an inch group, shooting single action in my chair.. for some reason i was no where close with the tomcat.. thought it was just me but has anyone noticed the play at the end of the swivel barrel?

    overall, after reading everything tonight, im discussed!!! im disabled and unable to work full time, plus a home owner.. so i think i just shot $400 bucks for nothing but a headache!! when money to me is very important, along with my life if someone decides to take advantage of me in my wheelchair or at home.. hell, id have to save to ship the gun back!! lol..


    p.s. anyone need a half a box of .32s??? ha
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