Cracking Leather??

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Hispeedal2, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Hispeedal2

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    I found a Bianchi X15 at a steal that fits my S&W 629. I knew it had some dry rot, but at $5, I decided I would see if a little oil could help.

    I am leaning towards mink's oil. Anyone else have any experience restoring some leather that they will share?
  2. Hispeedal2

    Hispeedal2 Nay Sayer

    Tried saddle soap......... not great results.

    At least, not enough that I would want to use this holster for any sort of actual carry-use.

    Oh well..... I'm out $5.
  3. Brokor

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    That's the problem with leather. Since we both already know it is the skin of a dead animal, once it degrades, the only solution is to use a synthetic epoxy type of repair on it. If you may recall, the products sold for repairing leather seats in your car and such, this is what I mean. I imagine that it might work to some extent, but I don't have a great deal of experience with this type of thing. I always used leather conditioners in the past for upkeep but never for repairs. I wish I could be more helpful.
  4. oth47

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    mink oil

    I've used mink oil on leather,it's a great softener,but I don't think it'll help is a great skin softener,good for chapped hands,too.I used to keep the fat,what little there was,that I scraped off my mink skins back when I was trapping and rub it on my hands once in a while..kept my hands "squeezably soft" in the words of my wife..
  5. Byte

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    I mink oil all of my leather boots about once ever 3-5 months if I'm wearing them with any regularity. But once they start to crack it's all but over. I have had the Doc's I'm wearing right now for over 10 years and about 2 years ago they began to crack and split.:mad: They fit so nice and are so comfy but now it's just a matter of time. The soles are worn smooth though so they're rather dangerous when the snow starts sticking to the ground.

    Oh well time to move on and get new ones I suppose.


    PS I still have a pair of Corcoran 10" Field Boots that got nothing but mink oil and a small amount black Kiwi. I purchased them in 1990 and wore them for 3 straight years. In the field and in the office. Only wore them occasionally after that but they still look excellent and the leather is in amazing cond. Mink oil is definitely the reason.
  6. Seawolf1090

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    Yep, I use Mink Oil too.

    AND.... it makes excellent BP lube for your smokepoles and cap&ball revolvers! ;)
  7. enough

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    If you find a good source for "real" doc's, I'm all ears. Basically, the Chinese made boots are junk. My last pair lasted less than two years, with occasional use. The fit wasn't the same either.
  8. Byte

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    Hmmm I've never seen Doc's made in China. I have seen people wearing very similar styles but they obviously weren't Doc Martins.

    Mine have all been marked made in England. I also always buy locally so I can try them on. They only come in whole sizes & I have found UK 7's & 8' that fit me well. I'm a US 9-9.5 depending on manufacturer. I pay about $130 for a new pair of 8 eye greasy's...they better not be made in China!

  9. enough

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    I hate to show you this ...

    Dr. Martens Boots,1460,Doc Martens,Boots,Dr Martins,Docs,Steeltoes,DM Boots,Docs

    Made in Thailand.

    Black 1919, Womens Dr Marten, Womens Doc Martens, Dr Martens for Women, Womens Boots, Doc Martins womens boots

    Made in China.

    However, the industrial line, does not say country of origin...

    Safety steel toe boot, slip-resistant sole boots, Electric hazard rated boots, Doc Marten's Steel Toes

    It also makes me wonder if I ended up with a counterfeit pair. I had ordered them through sportsman's guide. I knew my size, so I just ordered them.
  10. Byte

    Byte Monkey+++

    Wow that's crazy! I wonder if they've switched to Asian manufacture in the past 11 odd years or what. I'll definitely check for a 'Made in' label when I go looking for a new pair. I had planned on buying a new pair this fall anyway. I'll be very sad if I have to find another every day boot that is as comfy as Doc's. I just don't think there's any other option though. You know the end is nigh when Doc's aren't even made in England anymore. :rolleyes:

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