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    Bane, my good man,
    I do hope you are jesting about your stocks of preventives? If so, then please tolerate this refutation. It would be intended for others missing your humor.
    Calcium and Sodium hydrochloride, B17 and Baking soda have no affect whatsoever on our body’s ability to fight off ANY bacterial infections. Vitamin C is of course is the exception.
    The Med Kit would be more serviceable stocked to store; Vitamin D3 in 5,000 unit doses. It being the Core hormone integrating AND awakening ALL immune functions. Colloidal Silver, proven to outright kill over 600 additional pathogens, giving the immune system a solid rest, and the wonderful and overlooked GSE (grapeseed Extract) *for sterilization of Oral cavity/teeth/throat*. (2.5 minutes gargling utterly kills the nucleus of viral cells). Gram for gram it's the most potent and useful overlooked item for the Med Kit. Plus of course Vitamin C., to boost cellular strength throughout the body. A few bars of ordinary hand soap to ‘wash your hands, wash your hands & wash your hands’…. And, for the crème De la crème a few M100 viral Masks from 3m… Just in case someone does get so infected. And to put an argument to rest M95 Masks DO NOT WORK to stop ANYTHING airborne! (and the SOB’s KNOW IT!) Please do not stock them!
    My kit also has a dandy UVB hand wand lamp that sterilizes EVERYTHING nasty in six seconds holding it six inches or under away from the target. Plus I have one built into a small air purifier to suck and zap the nasties out of the sick room air.
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    LOL...A question...Do you know from experience that Calcium and Sodium chlorites have no effect on bacteria or viruses? I know and they do have an effect! They kill bacteria, viruses and fungae!
    B17 specifficaly connects with cancer cells only, thus killing only cancer cells, and not healthy ones. I saw 2 cases here with my own eyes, people I know...Proof enough for me!
    As for baking soda, it's been used here for decades for destroying all kinds of warts and other skin growths. It's extremely good in killing all kinds of fungae including Candidae. If you wash your teeth with soda, you'll never need a dentist.
    So, as I said...I use dirt cheap chlorites as antibiotics, water-purifiers, wound cleaners and food preservers, I use chlorites, B17 and soda as anti-cancer cures, and soda for many other things, for brushing teeth, for cleaning jewelery, for all possible fungal problems, all types of viruses, as add-on in baking, as anti-acid when i overdo on hot, spicy food, etc...
    I like also coloidal silver and UV, but as I said before, my priorities are the things and techniques I can use without electricity, otherwise , I would rely on the Tesla device completely, but if EMP blast happens, none of them would work!... And all of the items above are dirt cheap, easily stored in 50 kilo quantities, they don't expire, 50 kilos will last you forever, and they all WORK!...
    So, no...I was not joking...I store only things I know will work!

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