Crawford Knives Survival Staff Review

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  1. Overview of the Crawford Knives Survival Staff. This is a hiking staff that is a very high quality survival system. This staff can be used for hiking, as a blow gun, as a defensive weapon, as a cane, as a baton, as a thrusting weapon, as a spear, or as a fish spear just to name a few of it's capabilities if equipped with various accessories. This staff is very strong and well made. If you hike with a staff in the wilderness or around town, you should take a serious look at this awesome survival system.

    YouTube - Crawford Knives Survival Staff
  2. Bear

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    Nice Review... Prices of each?
  3. Witch Doctor 01

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    Cost $294.95


    A little pricy for me... it might be something someone could turn out tho....
  4. BAT1

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    Very thoughtful invention. If all the accessories were in the 294.00 deal I would jump on it.
  5. Copperstone

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    Whats the weight of it with the accessories inside?
  6. cimmeriansnake

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    Best question yet...
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