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    At first glance, this site seemed a bit artsy. However, with some imagination and skill, you could create some of that gear that's been stirring around in your head. Maybe even a Monkey decoder ring.

    Customize and create 3D printed products. Welcome to the Future of Stuff.

    If you're really technical, this is a cool new product that's out in kit through full blown product.

    The Shapeoko is available as a DIY, open source tool that can mill objects up to 7.87 inches along both X and Y axes, and 3.5 inches on the Z axis. You can use software such as Google Sketchup, Autodesk 123D, TinkerCAD, or Inkscape to create your objects. The mechanical parts-only kit is $199, the full kit is $649, and the premium kit, $999. The developers of the product are approaching this as a "jumpstart" kind of business and want 150 orders if they are to deliver any units at all, which it appears they have.
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    that is freaking awesome!
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    You could mill your own gun parts. Pretty cool idea. Also auto and motorcycle parts.
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