Creating the threat or preventing it?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Minuteman, Feb 19, 2012.

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    I am naturally skeptical of these kinds of stories. If you search long enough you can find someone that you can talk into doing anything. Is this effective prevention or is it creating the boogeyman? Is it just making headlines to bolster their budget and justify their relevance?

    The FBI has arrested a man who thought he was going to carry out a bombing attack on the U.S. Capitol building but was in fact dealing with FBI undercover operatives.

    U.S. News - Would-be suicide bomber at US Capitol arrested in sting operation, authorities say

    Feb. 17: Investigators say the man accused of plotting to bomb the U.S. Capitol never possessed any explosives. NBC's Pete Williams reports. (Nightly News)Investigators say the man accused of plotting to bomb the U.S. Capitol never possessed any explosives. NBC's Pete Williams reports. (Nightly News)
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    A case could certainly be stated for 'entrapment', but he WAS apparently TRYING to commit the crime. Rather he be snagged early on and walked through the motions of it than to carry it out in secret and succeed.

    But on the other hand, maybe they found someone 'disgruntled' but essentially harmless, and coerced the idiot into trying to do something, so they could make a high-profile bust?

    We peons will never know for sure. [stirpot]
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    That was pretty much my first take on it.. I believe less and less I hear from the Feds everyday...
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    Thats something I believe is that alot of these Big Brother saves the world reports is they find someone who is just venting and is harmless. Everyone at on time or another has just had enough and they vent and truth be told the man probally said well I should do this or I wonder what they would think if I done this. I know I vent every time I get my pay check and see the taxes that was taken then see on news how billions of US tax payers money is wasted. They would probally lock me up too. They just keep digging and listening hoping to get lucky or make a little luck.

    My Grandpa use to tell me (Boy even the sun shines on a dog's a$$ every once and a while) and thats the Feds they keep harrassing and spying on the citizens making them all bad one day the will stumble up on what they are looking for. While along the way they use the citizens they paint as terrorist to justify and fuel their cruisade of making it a crime to disagree with Big Brother.
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    He could have just been a kid, who is a member of some forums, and said some outlandish things on the interwebz, (for keyboard commando cred) who was approached and hounded and worked into a frenzy into doing it.

    Similar to terry weavers instance (minus the keyboard commando cred)

    No-one will ever know exactly, but I am very leery of the "press releases" being touted.

    But it's working, i know many a "red blooded patriots" (who are defined as domestic terrorists by Big sis definitions) who call me a blasphemer for even broaching the subject that it could have been a setup all along. And that it could have just as readily been them, being paraded in front of cameras, as a trophy on the war on terror.
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    There is an issue here that seems to be just under the Radar. If you advocate, the overthrow of the Government, by Force of Arms, you are a Problem. If you advocate, injuring others, to make Political Statements, you are a Problem. If you just voice these things, you are NOT a BIG Problem, but you open yourself up to be exploited, by others, whether they be, outside Provocateurs, FEDs, or FEDs posing as outside Provocateurs. Once you fly above their (any of the above) Radar, and get spotted, and identified, you then start down the road that only ends, in your destruction. This is the ISSUE, that makes Personal OPSec so important. You can hold any Personal Ideas, you like, but when you start putting them out in the Public domain, you blow your Personal OPSec, and open yourself up to these types of exploitation, by others. We know there are these types of folks running around out in the public, just looking for people, to exploit, and some "Agents" can even get PAID by the FEDs, to find such Idiots, and bring them above the Radar. It isn't what you believe, or say, that makes you a BIG Problem, it is when you fly into the Radar, and then get "Led down the Garden Path" to some sort of Action, that puts you in jeopardy, and leads to your eventual destruction. ..... YMMV.....
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    Looking for long term digs with its very own steel toilet??

    It goes to show, that where you have malcontents....of any description, given some grooming (by mad mullahs or alphabet agents) it's not unsurprising that they might respond to the suggestions that are offered. The conversation might go like this

    "...Hey buddy....we heard you hate the much do you hate the USA?... Well....golly gee....that much???'s a ticking time bomb, nice and neatly packaged for you (sans some missing vital component unknown to the mark, to make it unviable for actual use)....whatcha gonna do with it, buddy??? gonna use it??...well that shows are you gonna use it??? Oh really??? Oh good can we help you??...I know this fellow "
    who has a good deal going in inoperable Mac10s and bullet resistant vests filled with feather down instead of kevlar...."

    The lesson to be learned is, If you're p!ssed off with the government, p!ssed off with Donald Duck or p!ssed off with the world in general....beware of random dudes offering ticking timebombs as promotional gifts...the gift is unlikely to work as promised, and the only prize that you are likely to receive is a small 4 wall enclosure with its very own steel toilet.
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    After 30 years as an LEO in two states I am not impressed with the the alphabet agencies. I have dealt with the female body investigators and the ATF served a warrant on my dads place (love those guys) But they are picking the low hanging fruit to keep the public happy and thinking they are doing a great job.
    (Yes I am already on their list)
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    They use to do these "setups" on drug cartels........ but drusg legal and not leagal are a huge business and are really abut life and death anymore.
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  10. Alpha Dog

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    Plus they give the cartel free guns.(lol)

    fedorthedog I agree I'm going on 17 yrs and have seen them screw over alot of good officer's and use them as escape goats when they screw up. They will use the public at the drop of the hat to make arrests of a few to gain the support of the blind many.
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