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    Unlike some on the Tree here, I do keep ONE credit card, as there are valid uses for it. I keep the credit limit low, so as to be able to pay it completely off in one or two paychecks. Had trouble some years back and learned a painful but valuable lesson in credit management!
    Today, I am checking the credit balance online, and notice my limit had been raised! Second time this has happened. A year ago, as I have been a 'good boy', they 'rewarded' me with a huge increase! I promply contacted them and had it returned to normal.
    This time, the increase was not as great, but I still immediately called and got them to put it back! The lady on the other end said it was 'unusual' for someone to want it LOWERED rather than raised. I told her I like to keep it easily manageable.
    Like most things in life , it pays to keep a close eye on things! [beer]
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    watchin your credit is like watchin your back
    dont blink or youll get shafted
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    i have one credit card it a american express debit card because of needing a basic credit card here and there
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