criminal offense to criticize 0bama

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, May 21, 2012.

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    Problem is G, how do we get these teachers out of public schools, I remember as a 6th grader, I had a teacher that was fanatically pro-life, and he would go to great lengths to make that point clear.

    The teachers union is the monster responsible for the state of our schools today.
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    OMG we all going to be on death row lol.

    All this people that think he is a god can go back to Kenya with him.

    She has that job because of the color of her skin just like Hank Johnson the congressman from GA that thinks "Guam could 'tip over and capsize". Come on how low of an IQ do you have to have to think something like that.
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    I figure when the 'balloon goes up', they'll have a seat on the FEMA bus for me. [stirpot]

    I don't intend to be here when they come...... [peep]

    This 'teacher' (she should be stripped of her position) obviously never learned of The First Amendmdent. Many in other nations are amazed that the average American very definitely CAN rag about our political leaders, including the POTUS! It's our RIGHT! Funny how people of her ilk know all about the 'rights' that they want, ignoring those of others.......
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    Its already a crime to say anything about blacks.

    dont even say anything about fags or your a bully and will go to jail
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    Yeah...ebonics. If I ever had children and hated them enough to condemn them to pubic education, I still wouldn't amass the contempt to also place them into a room where ebonics is the chosen language.

    I can think of no greater torment than to live a life of ignorance; I don't tolerate it myself, and wouldn't wish it upon any whom I love.
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    The problem is that the ignorant don't know they are. More's the pity that there is no curiosity beyond who is top on Idol.
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    Or who is Ahead on "Dancing with the Stars"....
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    Tracy, you opened up the Monkey Correspondence School yet?
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