Crisis in Iowa coming to YOUR town next

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    This is for people who reside in the 14th Amendment United States subsidiary corporation called the "State of Iowa" and want to put pressure on the legislators of the corporate State of Iowa to straighten up this Obama dog-pile:

    How Obama Stole Dubuque


    How Obama Stole Dubuque
    What state is Dubuque in? If you answered Chicago, you are correct.

    View on www.nationalreview...

    Here it is everyone... the mask is off and the conspiracy is clearly revealed.

    I have been trying to , for a few weeks now, figure out what is going on
    with the rumors of "Section8" housing being built for Chicagoans in Charles City and Newton Iowa.

    I am also trying to confirm that the new "housing project " in Denison is also being built for this purpose.

    It is not easy to find info on this subject . but , low and behold.. here is an incredibly detailed article with all I need to know.

    Region Xll is no doubt behind some of this here in Denison , but I can't confirm that quite yet.

    PLEASE read this article . We have got to get some bulldogs on this IMMEDIATELY.
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    Obama making bid to diversify wealthy neighborhoods

    Obama Moving to Force 'Diversity' on 'Rich' Neighborhoods with Increased 'Affordable Housing' Plan

    Attention America's Suburbs: You Have Just Been Annexed, by Stanley Kurtz, National Review

    How Obama Will Centrally-Plan Your Neighborhood: Here Comes The "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" Rule | Zero Hedge

    Council approval spurs affordable housing development in McKinney

    This is an article from June 2015. Obama is moving ??????????? into wealthy neighborhoods

    This is meant to make everything look like Chicago and Detroit.

    I read the article last summer. Had no idea it had been implemented.

    No one can keep up with all of the treachery.

    Thank you so much for his post, @Legion489. We are under full blown attack by several directions.
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    @Legion489. This is how I feel. That someone? has thrown a gauntlet of gumballs on the floor in front of us and we do not know which one to pick up first. They are everywhere and they are tripping us up. We are going under dictatorship.
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    Well, we could start praying that Yellowstone erupts soon(before the end of the year), so we'll have a definite drop in the amount of sheep, therefore the wolves will be without their food source. I just need to make sure I have a secure 10year supply of chocolate and bacon before then.
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    @VHestin, I agree. I had no idea this was in full blown construction.
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    Very sad for our country and way of life.
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  7. Legion489

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    My only hope was they do this to the most liberal/Demonrat/American hating/anti-Constitutional areas they can first. Unfortunately San Fran, LA, DC, Deerborn, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans, Boston, NYC, and other Demonrat controlled areas ALREADY look like this and are the ones spreading out like a cancer to destroy the rest of America. My hope now is that every Obummer voter gets what they deserve and the rest of us last long enough to survive this and the aftermath when it all goes in the toilet. Which it will.

    So, why Dubuque? Because back in the 1970s-1980s, when I used to go see a buddy there, Dubuque was one of the cleanest, safest, drug free/crime free cities of it's size. Of course it was also 99.7% White, but that has nothing to do with anything of course. So why is Dubuque NOW crime ridden, full of drugs, prostitution, shootings and many areas are unsafe to go in to even during the day time, and only going to get worse? Read the following... (You can look up the following on the net or just call your local library and ask the info desk if you don't believe this):

    Because Dubuque WAS White, safe and drug free, the local head of the NAACP thought he would start a "racial incident". He built a cross in his garage to burn on his front lawn (no I am NOT making this up, you are free to read the court records or go to the Dubuque newspapers and read all about it) and was soaking rags in gasoline in his garage to wrap the cross in to burn. He lit the rags to see if they were soaked enough in gasoline to burn. They were. In fact he burned his garage down. The firemen found a "cross" in his garage and he started claiming "DA KLAN DID IT! DA KLAN DID IT!" Naturally the lib-tards and politicos were horrified. To make him happy, Dubuque had to import 800 black welfare families into Dubuque and give them free housing, welfare, food stamps and all the free-bees (all paid for by the working class of course) they were used to.

    For the first time Dubuque had drugs, rapes, hookers walking the streets, shooting, etc. Well even the lib-tards weren't thrilled about this, but what could they do? Well what do the commies/lib-tards and other leftist scum do when they destroy an area and don't want to live around their socialist utopia? They move away from the suddenly crime ridden areas of course! After all, they got their dream, but NOW it is a nightmare! AND NOW, it is only to get WORSE!

    "Oh so what? That was just one incidence! Forget it!" Well let's look at Coralville, Iowa which is right next to Iowa City, IA (by the way, Iowa City WILL NOT be subjected to this by Obummer, they VOLUNTARILY have been doing this for years. Importing negro welfare families, giving them everything and then after five years on low rent, welfare, etc., they can move on and the county will STILL pay for it!) and Dwayne Birdsong.

    Seems old Birdsong was a "gentleman of color" in Chicago, but no White girls wanted him to put them on the street here or sell them drugs, so he got mad. He bought $75 a gallon undercoating paint, paint sprayer and spray painted his car and then started screaming "DA KLAN DID IT! DA KLAN DID IT!" which worked so well in Dubuque. And it DID! The FBI showed up, along with about seven other alphabet groups and they investigated. However there were a few problems here too. First the car was in the garage the night it was "vandalized", but the vandals also sprayed the underside of the car first, taped off the chrome, glass, lights and other parts of the car and THEN vandalized/spray painted it! The car was covered with KK, GGER, and the like. Pretty stupid vandals if they couldn't even spell KKK!

    So the lib-tards set up a fund to help poor old Birdsong get on with his life and get his car repainted. Oh, did the money roll in! Everyone was singing Kumbyya and everyone was happy. Then a funny thing happened... the FBI figured out Birdsong did it himself! HE bought the paint! HE bought the paint sprayer! HE taped off the windows/chrome/etc! HE vandalized it! THERE WAS NO KLAN! (GASP!) It was a hate crime! (GASP!) The FBI picked up and ran out of town in five minutes or less! The other alphabet groups also ran like scared little girls. And of course the po-lice couldn't charge a negro with a hate crime (it is actually STATE LAW that ONLY WHITES can commit a "hate crime". Equal protection under the law my rear!) so they said they were sorry they couldn't find their donuts with both hands, or anything else for that matter, and left too.

    Well Birdsong was NOT happy! He was exposed as the scumbag he is, no White girls would work the streets for him, he couldn't sell drugs, he just lost who knows how much free money, over and above the free housing, free food, welfare, etc. This was FREE CASH he could stick in his pocket! Plus now HE had to do something about the car as he couldn't drive around with KK and GGER all over it. So he started beating his wife. He was threatened with arrest, so then he left. The end.

    There used to be a yearly publication that documented all the scam "hate crimes" that occurred the previous year, and it made quite interesting reading as all the scam, scum and other "hate crimes" were exposed as get rich quick schemes by the various groups that were supposedly "persecuted". No idea if it is around now or not. It might be on the net, I used to buy it every year. But if not, the FBI terrorist report and various other crime reports also make interesting reading.
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    @Legion489 I am sure they may be doing it primarily in Rep. states, etc. What about those ritzey places all the congressman live?
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    All I have to say is if the SHTF, please let it be in the deepest part of winter.
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