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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. RightHand

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    I was thinking in terms of various demographics, locations, prep status, etc.

    As an example, a young couple, 2 children, age 6 mo and 4 yrs, own home the suburbs of a major US city. Both work away from home, children in daycare, woman's parents and siblings in same general locale while the man's family is in a distant state. They haven't paid too much attention to preparing for emergencies but do have a couple days of food in the pantry and fridge but no water.

    They, along with other cast members, will be presented with a variety of emergencies.

    What says you all?
  2. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Go. I lived that one years ago. The first crisis is?
  3. Seacowboys

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    The City is Joplin, Mo. and the tornado hits. House is destroyed, Daycare is without power or roof but only two fatalities, a social worker and an administrative assistant. Phone lines are down, cell towers destroyed, no power, highways are blocked by trees, power lines, and debris. Nothing escapes damage.
  4. mysterymet

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    How far from home and daycare do they work?
  5. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    It goes without saying that getting to ones children or loved ones would be foremost in anyones mind. I endured a similiar instance several years back, decades actually when a tornado went thru Xenia, Ohio. In the aftermath, the power was out, either having been ripped down with live lines here and there and then being shut down by the power company for safety until repairs could be effected. State and County police had shut down all roads into town. My best friends Mother lived alone in this town, near or directly in the path of the major damage. We lived an hour away and were not thus residents with documentation to prove we lived in the City. The LEOs were instructed to absolutely turn away all potential looter, non residents, and to strongly suggest returning residents be discouraged from entering the area if possible but be allowed entry at their own risk if adament. License numbers were called in on all non residents and were centrally recorded at the time of turn back with a warning that a second attempt at entry would most likely result in arrest. My friend was firm in that he was making entry one way or another to find his mother (who also happened to be a paid nanny or babysitter for me when I was little and my parents both worked). He gave them his and her name and address and said we would be hiking in if not allowed to pass with the vehicle. I only stated what was in the quotes above, and said, I am with him all the way. We were detained and all this was called in. After about a half hour we were told to take our vehicle and go back the way we had come for at least a half mile and find a landowner along the way who would allow us to park our vehicle on the private property, not the roadway easement, and return to this checkpoint where we would be allowed to enter on foot. We did, hiked in and found her alive and well in her undamaged house without power or water. She had camping gear, a pantry with goods not requiring refrigeration, a neighbor with a well and generator. She wasn't up to hiking out. Her car was fine but their was damage pretty much all around her and at that time didn't want to try to drive out until things were cleared better. She planned to go to her sisters at that point and would call us. There was a group of neighbors around her who had banded together, (this was pre neighborhood watch as an organization) and was pretty safe. We met a few of these people and were relatively impressed with her safety, and at her insistence left and hiked back out. Her house was intact, she had firearms on the premises and planned to stay and ride it out. There were houses totally destroyed within 100 to 150 yards of her house. We went home and back to work. This was back in the 70's no fema no dhs. Our names also were called in from our drivers licenses prior to our foray on foot beyond the checkpoint. We were not detained or challenged by Leos beyond the checkpoint where initially stopped. I have no idea how all this would have played out in todays environment. Our hike round trip was 8 or 10 miles.
  6. RightHand

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    Seacowboys has certainly tossed us quite a challenging crisis for our first event. It's been on my mind since first reading it last night - we have the luxury of taking time to think out actions in this theoretical situation - quite a different position than those who might find themselves participants in an actual event.

    Since the couple hasn't been actively preparing for emergencies, they might not have discussed how they would get to their children if the roads were closed and power lines down. They probably haven't decided on a rallying point for themselves but figured they would simple call one another if necessary. This option is now off the table and they must each act independent of one another.

    They will each take off on foot heading toward the daycare center, will probably be turned back by LEO and emergency workers (see tacmotusn's experience) but their primal instinct for survival and the survival of their children will allow them to find whatever alternative footpaths necessary in a rescue attempt. The stronger parent, both physically and emotionally, and the one with the least obstructed route will arrive first. It may take them many hours to reach their destination and when they do, they may find their children have been evacuated by emergency workers or others. If so, where will they find their children?

    It's now been many hours since the initial event. The parents are still separated, are still out of contact with one another and have not yet found their children.

    What is their next step?
  7. BTPost

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    Local Comms is a very important ISSUE in any of these senerios. If you have Prepped your local AoO Comms, then Mom and Dad will be moving toward each other, until their local Comm units can communicate. Cellphones, Wired Comms are down for this instance, so their Prepped Comms will be CB Radio, FRS Radio, GMRS Radio, or Ham Radio. Each has it's own Range Limit, but 3-5 miles minimum is very likely, and further with some. Prepped comms would be in the BOB, and for non-Licensed Comms, Pre-decided Handles, or Callsigns, and Frequencies should be taped to the units, as well as backup Handles/Callsigns and Frequencies.

    At that point, (when they have comms) they can make a plan to reach the children, and move in that direction, independently, or together, as seems best in the senerio. Family Comms can make many Bad Senerios into manageable senerios, just by being able to hear the voice at the other end, and check on progress, and provide comfort, and guidance, as required.

    I have been thru this type of senerio, with a Major Snow Storm, with Momma and I seperated, and the kids at school. Wet Snow took down Power, Telco, and blocked streets. Freeway was a parking lot, due to IDIOT Drivers. Momma and I are both Hams, and we had Comms from the beginning. Both had 4X4 rigs, and were 20 miles from the kids school. She was closer, but had more street issues, than I had. It took me 3 hours to make the 20 miles and it took her 5 hours and lots of backtracking around blockages to get home. I got the kids from two different schools, and got them home, and then started the backup Genset, and they started getting dinner going, while I went out and started clearing the downed trees, to help the neighborhood access, for the rest, who were just slowly making it home. I kept comms with Momma the whole time, and made suggestions about how to get around blockages, that she was running into. We never SAW or heard a EMS or LEO, until the next day. Many of the neighbors were still not home after 24 hours. Preps are good for a lot of these senerios, not just SHTF stuff..... ..... YMMV...
  8. Brokor

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    Ya'll type a lot of words in them there posts...
  9. Tracy

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    Wow! My brain is flooding with scenarios - nice exercise!

    ~shudder~ Parent/child separation is my mightmare (not incorrectly spelled - it's the what might happen that scares me the most).

    Not sure about these two, but I wouldn't need comm's with my Mr. - he'd know that I'd be headed for kids. We'd also know to allow several days before we would expect to see each other.

    Their next step? They haven't reached children or home yet! Is the daycare between home and work or beyond?

    If relative/friends live en route; that would be a no-brain stop to refuel and leave notice of route and intentions from that point. If home is 'tween work and daycare - note left with route, alternate route, and intentions.
  10. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    If they are aware that their home is/might be destroyed once the kids are picked upa note would need to be left for the second parent to know the final destination of the parent and kids... probably on a wall or door .... a discussion on where they would meet if the had a home crisis plan would simplify the situation... probably friends or family on a nintey degree azimuth from the path of distruction....
  11. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    i would def leave a note at home for anyone stopping in
    tell them i was enroute to the kids and to stay put
    and set for an alternate meeting place if home was unsafe
    nothing nor anyone could stop me getting to my kids
    id find a way there :)
  12. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Don't commit a meeting place to the note that anyone might pick up and focus on. FAR better to have a place arranged ahead of time, AND an alternate or two. Enough, I think, to say (on the note) headed for alt "x" if the primary is shaky or NFG for some reason.
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  13. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    good point, thanks
  14. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    Or, be cryptic about it. I have the kids, will meet you at your mothers younger brothers house. Means plenty to the two of you, but little to others. jmho
    a durress code word or phrase is always good also. If used in any message or phone call, it immediately lets the other know something is seriously wrong.
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  15. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Well, the "shoulda-coulda" don't count here. The Shite has hit the fan and they were not prepared. Now we have to decide how they can deal with it. OP-Sec is beyond their comprehension; these are ordinary suburbanites that love their children, have a mortgage on a house that is now somewhere in Oz, and no plans or preps. How the hell do we save them? They don't own guns, they own socker-mom mobiles and wear those funny spandex shorts and bicycle helmets. Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.
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  16. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    the best they can do is try
    yes its too late to be prepped, they wont have any alt locs set up
    they wont have code words
    chances are if the rescue crews dont save them they are gone

    are we setting up what shoulda been or how to react post fact?
  17. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    Their only chance is to deal with this directly as the crisis it is. Damage control must take priority. An evaluation of their circumstance is essential.
    Survival elements do not change, only circumstances change. Food. Clothing, and shelter are the first priority. Is the storm over? Will there be another in the immediate or near wake? There are no more 7-11s...oh my god! We can't travel...soccermom mobile can't cross downed trees, debris, and electric lines....emergency personnel are all busy locating injured and dead....not much help here...We are not people to these folks! We are categorized...injured...walking wounded...refugee....we are their job and they are overwhelmed....there are some distribution centers with clean water, blanket, and first aid...get time for anyone not grievously injured...looters are being shot and all we have is on our person...there are no street lights....cell towers are is eight miles to the daycare and our only option is to is also eight miles to our parents home but in the opposite direction....they have a storm cellar....police have checkpoints is getting dark and there is gunfire more is unbelievable hot and there is lightening in the sky again...please god...not another storm....have to find the children...!
  18. Seacowboys

    Seacowboys Senior Member Founding Member

    The FEMA folks, Red Cross, and National Guard have arrived with potable water, emergency tent shelters and Aid Stations. They are dealing with the crisis as a planned response and do not have time/space allocations for individual problems. Every Trioge is treated, fed, watered, and assigned an area. Armed patrols to insure curfew violations and looting are suppressed are getting shot at by looters and have begun returning fire. .GOV sends in BlackWater to augment security and unofficial policy to disarm everyone is mandated. The News cameras focus on the amazing outpour of humanity as Volunteers and National Guard face tremendous problems dealing with people as a group rather than as individuals. Back on the Ranch, we send money to the Red Cross and initiate Clothing Drives to help those poor people.
    The children are still unaccounted for, nobody to help....curfew....shooting violators...eight miles to travel by foot through a minefield of debris, broken trees, leveled houses, downed powerlines, .....
    what do we have?
    1. Small firstaid kit from glovebox of SUV, just bandaids and a tube of neosporin and a pair of tweezers.
    2. Two road flares
    3. Tire Iron and jack
    4. Car Seat
    5. pen knife on keychain
    6. LED keychain light shaped like a porpoise
    7. Two bottles of Avian and a small box of apple juice, the ones with the little straw
    8. $161.33 in cash, several credit cards, and a leather purse filled mostly with makeup, bill reciepts, and pictures
    9. A Small bottle of hand sanitizer
    10. Two bottles of Merlot, a bottle of Capers, and a round of Brie
    11. A box of Pampers
    12. two sanitary napkins and a small box of tampons
    13. a small bottle of Mydol and two chewable Pepto Bismol tablets.
    14. a partial pack of Doublemint chewing gum
  19. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    15. half a pack of cigarettes (Still trying to quit.)
    16. Bic and a pack of matches
    17. a length of rope once used to tie a load on the roof of the SUV

    Picking up from post #6
    They are have reconnected at the daycare center after the first one arrived and waited for the second one to show, the worse for wear, but intact. Roughly 8 miles from the vehicle. It's getting dark (Those 8 miles will not be covered at a marathon pace since there's debris everywhere.) (Assuming that the tornado hit mid afternoon.) They don't yet know that the kids are OK (post #3) The "weaker' one is panicking, the stronger obsessed with doing SOMETHING, but does not have a focus on available resources. Are there any besides what's in the vehicle, 8 miles away? (i.e., how far are they from the nearest relief center? Can they join the looters to get some supplies, and if so, what will they want to grab?)
  20. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    anything usable in the vehicle (8 miles away) wont be there when they get back
    somebody else needed it
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