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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Witch Doctor 01, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Witch Doctor 01

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    question for you monkeys... my son is right handed but left eye dominate... and is thinking of shooting lefthanded... any thoughts?

    and if he shoots lefty any suggestions on a good moderate left hand friendly gun for concealed carry?
  2. wrc223

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    I am left dominate but learned to shoot right handed. For concealed I carry a CZ P07. Reason is, my natural movement instinctively is to my left so I train and shoot with my sidearm or concealed weapon on my left.
    With the P07 I found it to be very lefty friendly and have never had brass issues shooting lefty.
    I also never had any problems with my 1911's. I can easily go from slide stop to trigger with my index finger. You may need to tune the extractor or ejector so the brass kicks out more forward to avoid it crossing your face or hitting your shoulder. Overall I feel the 1911 platform with ambi-controls work very well shooting left handed.
  3. munchie3409

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    I'm left eye dominant and right handed and I shoot right handed. There aren't many true ambi firearms and I'm not paying more for a left handed rifle, so shooting right handed works for me.
  4. Alpha Dog

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    Im the same way right handed and left eye dominant. Over time It's not created a problem for me with practice. The only thing and I've seen it happen when a person is right handed just out of nature the grab with the right hand then when they see what they have done they lose valuble time trying to transition. I practice with bot hands just incase something was to happen to my right had it would be so strange and I could adjust if Im in a SHTF. But I still carry right hand on duty and in shoots.
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  5. larryinalabama

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    Shooting is as much instenck as eyesight. The more ways one can shoot the better.
    Reminds me when we would shoot skeet, my right shoulder would be turning blue so I used the left shoulder and still hit the clays.

    Being able to use both sides of your body is a true blessing and with many people it can be optained through practice.
  6. limpingbear

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    Im right handed and left eyed also. Mine is so bad that i have depth perception problems. I shoot a pistol righty a rifle lefty and i can switch hit a shotgun. Been doing it so long im almost completely ambi now. I shoot a lefty bow too. find whats comfy and shoot it a lot....
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  7. NCPatrolAR

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    The amount of dominance in the eye is generally going to dictate what should be done. When shooting handguns, you can keep the gun on the dominant hand side with no difficulty. To bring the dominant eye into proper position the shooter simply turns his head slightly in order to get his eye behind the sights.

    Now when we start talking about long guns then it's often best to learn how to use the gun on the dominant eye side (again if that eye is extremely dominant). A left handed gun isnt needed IMO. Lefty shooters have been shooting the same gun as everyone else for generations
  8. Brokenpatriot

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    I'm left handed. The Ruger SR9c is a good, left friendly, concealed carry piece.

    Good luck.
  9. BTPost

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    Installed an Ambi Slide Release, Slide Lock, and Mag Release on my Belgian Browning HiPower, when it was two weeks old. I am not Ambi, but wanted to make the weapon universal, right from the GetGo... ..... YMMV...
  10. Witch Doctor 01

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    Part of the issue is shell ejection.... i've had the misfortune to be shooting some semi's lefty and have the shells hit me... or just miss my face... and don't want to spend $$ on a weapon that might do that... for now a .357mag is probably the answer...
  11. fedorthedog

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    If the issue is eye dominance try sighting with both eyes open, We were doing this on the SWAT team to keep field of view. It takes a little practice but once you adapt it centers the sights with out the side off set that comes from the non dominant eye.
  12. WindWarrior

    WindWarrior Sea Monkey

    Defensive combat shooting is a different animal than target shooting. Most armed encounters with handguns occur within 10 feet. So, dexterity and muscle memory are going to be bigger factors than eye dominance. fedorthedog is correct: keep both eyes open. Practice frequently. Also, the eyes focus on and follow movement. It is very difficult to focus on your front sight while tracking and shooting at a moving target - especially one that is shooting at you! You may want to consider a laser sight, which will eliminate any right-left concerns...

    This also applies to rifles. With iron sights, he can cut out an oval piece of opaque plastic and affix it to the rear sight towards the left. This will block the view from the left eye without causing strain from squinting/winking the eye when aiming. In my experience, optics tend to help. I find that I can easily aim/shoot/scan with both eyes open using my red dot sight.
  13. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    I was born with Amblyopia and had my eyes corrected. I have a right eye heavy dominance. I don't need glasses or anything, but I definitely can't see 3D all that well.. well, that's what they say. I seem to do fine with anything that isn't traveling at me that is small.

    My neat "trick" as a result is being able to shoot with both eyes open and actually "wall-eye" with my left to see what's out there.. :) This actually lets me aim BETTER because I get a bigger sight picture. So all you 3D viewers.. eat your heart out!! :D
  14. Landy

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    Well I have the same issue. What I have learned is this. I can't remember the term used but here goes.
    If you are right handed draw your UNLOADED pistol and site as normal. Most will use the right eye. Now reholster and draw again. But this time leave both eyes open and tilt the pistol about 5 degrees left. Maybe a touch more or less. This brings the sites inline with your left eye. It takes some practice to train yourself to do this but it works for me..
  15. NCPatrolAR

    NCPatrolAR Monkey

    Instead of canting the gun; simply turn your head slightly. This allows you to track the sights vertically instead of at an angle which can produce several issues
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