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    I don't know what's worse: hunting with this dude or Dick Cheney.

    If I'm not mistaken, when that boar cuts through those two guy, he keeps firing....

    Charging Boar God bless a 45 auto - YouTube
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    Some of the responses below show an amazing lack of firearms knowledge and experience, not to mention pig hunting. [stirpot]
  3. Gunny Highway

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    guy up front was lucky he didn't get plugged. He was right in the line of fire near the end
  4. Mountainman

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    To me it looked like the last 2 shots were fired right before the guy was on the opposite side of the pig, still way to close for my liking. The last shot also sounded like a rifle and at that range, most likely went right through. The guy that almost got shot also did a stupid move by crossing the path that he heard the pig coming from and not just backing up and getting ready to shoot. Would not want to hunt with any of them after seeing that 3 stooges display of pig hunting.
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    As a bullet can deflect after hitting bone; it was way too close.

    Tunnel vision.
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    Adrenaline can make people do dangerous things. The more you train properly, the more likely you are to react properly. Scenario training should be a part of every training regimen.
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