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  1. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    Well we finally closed on some land in VA as planned. b::

    And now I see that VA has a crossbow deer season!!b::b::

    What is the most economical crossbow I can buy? Do I need a range finder?
    Any advice on bolts/heads?

    Also, would a 15 ft treestand be sufficient for a wooded area in the southeast or should I go for 20 ft?
  2. bnmb

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    I'm like a maniac when it comes to bows and crossbows...I always want to have the strongest, most powerful thing...But...
    Here I can find 3 types of crossbows...120lb, 150lb and 300lb...first two are ordinary, the third one is compound (with wheels). The prices were 120lb=90eur, 150lb=120eur and 300lb=500eur....
    You can use any of them for hunting...I took the 150lb...this is what testing results said about that 150lb...
    1. Type: recurve
    2. Body length: 86 cm
    3. Arc length: 70 cm
    4. Power: 65-75 kg
    5. Best results: up to 250 meters
    6. Maximum kill range: 500 meters
    7. Maximum arrow range: 900 meters
    8. Body armor penetration: up to 250 meters
    9. Helmet penetration: up to 400 meters

    So, unless your deer is not wearing body armor or helmet, any of these 3 would do it!
    I wouldn't use a range finder...why the expense? Get the optics sighted to the most probable distance you would hunt from, and then practice with different ranges and try to learn how to eyeball the distance and adjust the target in the sight...more fun that way....

    If you use the range finder, you would have to give the coordinates to the rocket launchers, then they would have to adjust...and that takes time... :D
  3. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    Excellent advice. Thanks.

    These are some crazy numbers, though:

    5. Best results: up to 250 meters
    6. Maximum kill range: 500 meters
    7. Maximum arrow range: 900 meters
    8. Body armor penetration: up to 250 meters
    9. Helmet penetration: up to 400 meters

    Are we talking about the same type of crossbows? Like this:
    Barnett Jackal Crossbow, Archery, Barnett, Lightweight Compact High-Energy Wheels Crosswire String Cable Assembly Three-Dot Red Dot Scope Adf Trigger System Bolts Quiver at Sportsman's Guide

    I didn't know they were capable of such power.
  4. bnmb

    bnmb On Hiatus Banned

    No...that's a compound bow...that text is from the shop, I just translated it...
    This is the bow the text is about, the one they tested.

  5. fortunateson

    fortunateson I hate Illinois Nazis!

    So, which is more advantageous, compound or straight?
  6. -06

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    My crossbow is a plain jane 150#er. I do use a range finder and range all possible positions ahead of time. Used to use different colored mini flags but soon learned to use landmarks. I do use surveyors ribbon to "mark" the boundries of my AO. Hopefully it lets others know someone is out there. True hunters come in and exit quietly but I use a small flash light to glimmer on my path. So far I have no holes in me because I whistle one time before entering the woods or leaving. Have had one nut sight in on me and it is an awful feeling. I swung onto him, released the safety, and took out the slack. He turned away. Jerk was only 200 yds away and 15' up. I was out in the open warming a bit with orange vest and tobogan. Really ticked me off-good thing he was not smoking or I would have pulled the trigger instantly. Didn't want to be the only casulty to a careless shooter
    About height, six to eight feet is ample. According to the terrain. I have killed more from 8-10 feet than higher. Deer seldom look into the trees but if you move they will spot you if in an airplane. They do have excellent vision and constantly scan for predators. Choose your stand according to wind direction also. I have several scattered over the farm and try to use them with that in mind. Deer move for primarily three reasons-sleep, food, sex--lol, kind of like us.
  7. bnmb

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    I don't like compounds much...more parts, more problems, more things to go wrong. I don't think that you could fix a compound in the forest if something gets wrong. In my country we never use tree stands...I've never even seen one. As -06 said, plane old crossbow, would kill even an elephant. Ordinary hunting bows are avg. 50-60lb, and people kill bears and other big game.
    Get yourself one cheap ordinary crossbow and see how you like it...
    I'm not much of a fan of standing and waiting...I rather like to move slowly and shoot if something pops out. So, I cant scan all landmarks and distances.
    I have mine sighted at 30 meters, and I eyeball the distances.

    BRISEYIB Monkey+

    Older or used models of Horton can be had on ebay for little money.

    Good crossbows and I prefer the recurve design for simplicity.
  9. Old Sarge

    Old Sarge Old Sarge


    I have an older Horton, 150# crossbow, that has been thru thick, and thin, and brought down more than it's share of whitetails. I bought it on sale at Bass Pro about 20 years ago, for just slightly over $100. Has been a good friend.
  10. Witch Doctor 01

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    i have a Barrett Wild Cat 150Lb prod... shoots good can be scoped owned this one since 1980 I also have a 75lb prod i use for small game... you can also hunt with them here in NC if you have a Doctors waiver...:D
  11. bnmb

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    Saw a 300lb yesterday...[drooling] Mamma mia!!!
    The price sucked bigtime...I'll be drooling for a while...wasn't on my priority list...:(
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