Gear Review Crossbow: Excalibur Equinox 225lbs 350fps

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  1. Mindgrinder

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    Excalibur Equinox: The Most Accurate Hunting Crossbow - Guaranteed
    350 FPS
    Draw Weight: 225 lbs.
    Power Stroke: 16.5"
    Mass Weight: 6.4 lbs.
    Overall Length: 38.4"
    Arrow Length: 20"
    Arrow Weight: 350 Grains
    Stock Type: Thumbhole
    Finish: Realtree Xtra
    Arrow speeds obtained using arrows with a total weight of 350 grains (includes arrow and tip).

    Proudly made in Canada.
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  2. Mindgrinder

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    So far so good - i got it for $350 cdn with a $30 fillet knife thrown in.
    $250 into new string, wax, 6 bolts, 12 field points and a quality target.
    $200 into a crank.
    (MSRP is $860+ with scope - no crank, bolts etc)
    I'm rather enjoying this bow because it's totally badass.
    I made a mistake and bought a target for broadheads....
    The field points are hard to extract and sometime penetrate near clean through. I've pmuch wrecked my first 6 bolt fletching but scope is bang on for range i need it to be.

    All in all - I'm quite happy with this 2nd hand purchase.
    Will post some long shots shortly when i have the proper stuff to measure range.

    I would be highly interested in buying a handmade paracord sling by any Monkey Mil Spec US Vet who is crafty for $50-$80. (it's all I can spare).

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    Today I went out and grabbed 3 broadheads for $40 cdn in hopes that my "broadhead only" target would take the hits better. Field points blow through and/or penetrate so deep that i have to pull them though and thrash the fletching...
    So i got these BAMOFOS.
    [​IMG] \

    First test shot - sunk to fletching.
    This bow makes target practice a hastle...I aint complaining aboot penetration.
    Gonna zero the scope at 33 yards and start pitching...goal 100 for @kellory
    This is so much fun for me...u can't imagine.
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  4. kellory

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    Keep practicing,;) bows are fun on a primal level, and as your skill improves, your appreciation of a finely made tool will grow as well.
    There are archers out there who can hit thrown asprins with a recurve and no sights, or stack arrows in a bulleye with all the shafts touching. It is truly amazing what you can do, when you and the bow become one. Good luck.
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  5. Mindgrinder

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    Stripped bolts on the shock absorb thing ping...
    Parts on order over 2 weeks.
    Coyote is living longer than i'd like...

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  6. ruby081973

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    I used compound bow and now i try to shoot crossbow
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  7. Mindgrinder

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    I never did last years coyote....
    the new alpha is def a different one....doesnt touch the "old game path" at all...
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