Crossbows, bows, and sling weapons

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    I supposed that this topic would be found in it's own subject title, just as Firearms and Blades are. But I couldn't find one so here I am. I'm starting to learn to hunt with a crossbow, and thought maybe the subject could have it's own section. Who can I ask about this?
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    You just did. As of now, we have no plans for specialties like crossbows. You can do a search on the site for slingshots (we have a resident maker and a few users.) We have a few stick throwers, too, so a site search might uncover a bit of info. If the interest gets high enough, we might set up a subforum in the future.

    Welcome aboard, hope you like it here. (y)
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    There is a lot of info on compound bow hunting, TV, Mag and other. In some states it is illegal to hunt with a crossbow, so may want to check laws on owning and hunting with one in your state or where you intend to hunt.
  4. Witch Doctor 01

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    I've had a 175lb barrett wildcat xbow or 30 or so years.. i've taken deer with it and a few racoons...
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    OK, you got me there. I'm not really planning in hunting with one in the near future. Actually, I've never hunted in my life. If I can buy food, I'd rather do that. But with all the trouble happening in this world now, I figured it would be prudent to practice with one for self defense, if anything, for when (not if) I run out of ammo. There's only so much one can do with hand to hand, especially when one is a little older than the strong youth out there. If a little distance is possible, then a retrieveable, reusable arrow will do the trick. Native Americans had that one right (when no firearms are around).
    So, I figured that a section of it's own would be worthy in a survival forum such as this in that brands, technique, maintenance, et cetera, could be discussed. Hopefully there will be more interest in survivalist bow users as the Biblical prophecies continue to show themselves.
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    I have maintained a level of profficiency with atalatal, sling, slingshot, speargun, long bow, recurved bow, compound bow, cross-bow, blow-gun, and persimmon on a stck. Once I run out of ammo for the potatoe artillary, I'll throw sticks and stones.
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    If you are truly looking into a crossbow, or even a compound bow to use in a "Self-Defence" situation, I would go with the compound. Here is my reasoning, a crossbow is not that adjustable on the draw weight, and your average ordinary compound is, Even at light draw weights(under 60lbs.) You can still bury an arrow deep at that low of a weight. I shoot a Matthews Monster xlr8 bow and my draw weight is 45lbs. and with that bow I get 290-300 fps arrow speeds out to 55 yards. and with a rage broadhead it will tear anything in its path that has either 2 or 4 legs a litteral new butthole. If you want a better hole switch your broadhead to a g5 f-15 and your victom will look like they got shot by a 308. It will leav about a 2 1/4" entry hole. with Either broadhead I can take Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear, So I would not be afraid to use it in a self defence situation.
    Though I still would rather have my rifle for most situations but if all i have is my bow then so be it.
  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    The only issue with compound xbows are the ability to repair the bow string with out some special equipment and possible damage to the pulleys... other than that rock on...
  9. Gordo

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    A SLINGSHOT is part of my webbing array and I praise it as a formidable weapon when used with common childrens marbles or fishing sinkers.
    My grandfather gave it to me in 1984 when I was 14 and it is one of my top 10 cherished items.
    Granted I have been training with it for many years, but it is a simple device that can be mastered quickly.
    If you can get your hands on a good quality frame it will last forever.
    As you practice you will find, just like a bow, the right pound strain of rubber for your style.
    The rubbers don't actually break with use, rather they petrify through LACK OF USE.
    Obtain several spare rubbers and keep them in a ziplock bag (if possible refrigerated).

    Commercial purpose rubbers and leathers are now widely available, but for many years I made my own from speargun rubber tubing. In the early days before you could even get that, I used tyre inner tube rubber.

    For a 'special effect psychological warfare round', you can try variations of 'nuts' (as in nuts n bolts). These zing through the air with an un-nerving sound but are inaccurate to say the least.

    When practicing take caution to be a considerable distance from your target to avoid the high incidence of rebound/ricochet shots. I have many a time scored direct hits to my own head and body in the past.
    Of course as with any weapon, consider your overshot, fall of shot area and the persons and property around you. Setting up a 'catcher' type target is a good idea, that way you can also retrieve your ammo.

    Slingshots are far from a novelty or a toy and they WILL kill.
    Also keep in mind the laws that govern your particular country/state.

    ENDNOTE: Pre TEOTWAWKI, slingshots are a prohibited weapon here in Australia, and as such I don't really own, or know how to use one (This is a figment of my fertile survivalist imagination) hehe.
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    Well I think If I were in Australia I would be getting proficient with the Boomerang. But at the least learn hos to beat the stuufing out of a person with a Diggery-do.
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  11. Byte

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    Because nobody expects to be beaten with a diggery-do!

    I like that! Sounds even better than the quote I mangled to make it. :D

  12. Astrodokk

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    I've owned slingshots before and the rubber just basically rotted, most likely from disuse. But it sounds like a good idea and I'm willing to buy another and start practicing with it.
    I just bought some cheap crossbows off eBay. The pistol is about 50#, the "carbine", as I call it, is 80# and a little longer pistol type but is compound cabled, and shoots retrieving arrows with a spool. The "BAR", as I like to call it, is a massive, heavy, older wood and metal 'Cobra' that came with a 4x15 Tasco scope and a thumb activated flashlight on the rail. I need to get bolts for that one (16"). So I'm set for the radiation zombie apocalypse!
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    Slingshots and slings

    Sling bands can be made from therapeutic rubber excercise bands.different colored bands are different draw weights.they make really good bands.
    I saw a 80 year old man on Guam throw a slingstone with a david type sling.the football shaped stone put a very impressive dent in a tree.
    According to him they were able to throw a slingstone through a human body.
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    Sorry to tell you but the diggery-do assault weapon is already known in Australia, lol. Bought one while there in the late 90's and tried to carry it on an in country flight, not! Was told that it could be used as a weapon and had to check it.
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    They heard you play it?
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