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    Book three in the series is done and quite frankly, I worked my butt off on it. My intent is for an initial book bomb on Monday June 20th, 2016 to kick things off with a real strong opening, but that's not going to work without people grabbing it up. It is available for pre-order now.

    For the uninitiated, I'm a hobby writer, self published, that got tired of reading stories I didn't like, so I wrote my own. I didn't ever intend to release them, but I did, and people seemed to like them. I wanted to keep my stories a little less depressing, a bit more easy-reading, and a lot less like a disguised survival manual than the majority of stuff out there that take themselves way too seriously. I read stuff in this dystopian genre, but there were never any easy reading, somewhat fun type books out there.

    For anyone who hasn't read the first two (Against the Grain and Pillars in the Fall), its simple fiction set in a time after a slow socioeconomic collapse in the US. The tag line I actually used was: There was no war, disease pandemic or spiritual die off. No zombies, no vampire Armageddon or super volcano... but the world went to hell anyway... And you have lived through it and want to continue to do so.

    If you haven't read either of the first two, I combined them into one volume at a discounted price to get people caught up.
    Combo edition on Amazon:

    The third book, Crossing Blurred Lines, is in my opinion a step up in the writing and also a really fun read.

    Again, I'm going for a book bomb on the 20th, and could really, really use everyone's help to get it noticed. Buy it, like it, share it, review it, and hopefully enjoy it.

    Crossing Blurred Lines on Amazon:

    My site has a whole bunch of other stuff about writing in the way I do, some stuff about current events, and some other random musings about working out, guns, gear, intelligence, recon, and America.

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    Thanks everybody!
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    Nice blog spot. Some of your musing are thought provoking.
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    Good to know, Ian. I read the first two back in 2013. Glad to see you finally followed up. You've done a good job so far, keep up the good work
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    Thanks everybody. Im not exactly cut from the same cloth of most the conservative blog types. Haven't written much on there lately as Ive been doing all the book stuff but will be contributing more now with real survival/preparedness stuff.
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