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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Jeff Brackett, May 10, 2013.

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    Pebble Peak started a crowd sourcing project that seems to have wildly exceeded their expectations. They were looking for funders to get $15k to buy material in bulk so they could drop their manufacturing costs. They also stated that anything over their goal would be used to lease another CNC so they could increase their output. So far, they've raised almost $82k! ;) They're offering 80% lowers for AR-10s, AR-15s, and Rudius 1911 frames. Standard material is 6061, but for funders they're using 7075. You can buy either anodized, or non-anodized, and each purchase comes with a jig.

    Thinking I might go with the four pack on 80% AR15 lowers from this project (4 lowers + jig for $105).

    This post is NOT a recommendation, since I don't know these folks, their reputation, or the quality of their work. I'm just putting it out there for anyone who might want to look it over. For me, four lowers for a hundred is worth the risk. Anyone else needs to make their own decision.

    It's a gamble, but the offer is good until the end of this month (May 31, 2013). Here's the link:
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    There are several of these out there. had some discussion about these and the potential for being a scam. Somebody really dug into the Pebble Peak and those folks were not releasing details of the address or phone number. There was some healthy skepticism about this outfit. I'll try and find a link.

    Another one is Sierra Nevada Arms which was looking for 30 grand and when I checked a few days ago was over 60k pledged. As I recall they at least had a phone number listed. I think some of these are individuals looking for cash to buy materials and to rent some time on a cnc mill. I garnered the impression, maybe incorrectly, Sierra Nevada wanted to money to buy their own mill to put in the garage. So some might be real cottage industry and some might just be scams.

  3. A lot of people were skeptical of them on gun websites, but it (said prematurely) looks like it worked out alright. A lot of people who don't understand the crowd-funding concept were saying either it sounded like a scam and they would take the money and run, or the other common argument was that it is stupid to fund this start-up business since they should have their own money else they aren't a legit company (apparently these people are not familiar with the age-old concept of investors).

    Anyway, hope the begin production soon.
  4. Copying and pasting a prior question of mine:

    Has any company ever produced a polymer 80 percent (AR) lower? Provided they used the same plastic/polymer that's in the polymer lowers that are already on the market, that would seem a lot easier than drilling out metal, no?
  5. Airtime

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    I've been looking at 80%s for a bit and dont recall seeing a plastic 80.

    Given the precision needed to do a good drill job, I don't think there is much difference for a small mill/drill or good drill press to drill plastic or aluminum. 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 are both pretty sweet to mill and drill. Given those two alloys don't load up cutting bits very much, they might actually be a tad easier to drill precisely than plastic. I know some of the 80% lowers have plastic drill fixtures. I'd be a bit more concerned drilling accurately with a plastic jig than drilling aluminum.

    The 3D printer plastic gun crowd allegedly created files for an AR lower. That might be interesting to pursue a bit.

    Here is the link to the discussion about the crowd funding.
    Rockethub 80% Lower Receiver Projects **Update 05/09/2013** - Page 1 - AR15.COM

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    Well, for grins and giggles I am risking a couple bucks on an AR15 lower from pebblepeak just for feedback purposes. If a quality product is delivered, great. If not, then not a big loss here. But I do know there are many that can't afford to gamble at all - so feedback to be posted as this developes (or not.)
  7. What are the payment options available? I might also risk it, just for the hell of it.
  8. techsar

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    Visa, MC, Discover or AmeX
  9. gunbunny

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    Pepple Peak- registered as Marshmellow and Co. in the local area?

    I know a few people that put money in for some 80% marshmellows.

    Arfcom has some people posting that they have recieved their items(not from Pebble Peak, but another rockethub source), but it took them 10 months to deliver. I hope that Pebble Peak/Marshmellow and Co can churn out 2000 some 80%-ers by then. I wonder who's facility they are renting? Hopefully CNC operations.
  10. Joey Gotts

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    Pebble Peak May Wind Up A Ponzi Scam

    The writing may be on the wall for Pebble Peak Rockethub funder's.

    This was posted today:

    12/03/13: This is definitely not the news or update I want to post.

    After many setbacks and delays, I have cut ties with the aluminum supplier. Supplier imposed a new price on the order, higher than the agreed upon that will make the aluminum too expensive and almost the same as U.S prices. I had previously paid an updated price for the order that was set to cover the price difference from the 6061 to 7075. This second increase in price would not make this project possible or even plausible. I have asked for the money back and looked for suppliers that have the aluminum in-stock but have not found one that has as much material in-stock and at a price that will make this campaign possible. I want to start and finish this campaign as much as everyone else, I really thought my next update would have been pictures of the aluminum unloading.

    I agree that I got way over my head with the success of this project and should have closed the project as soon as i met my goal and maybe start a second campaign once i gained the momentum and set everything in place to have the capability to overtake a larger campaign. I know the 1% of angry funders will now turn into 100% of pissed off funders and I do not blame anyone except me and of course the aluminum supplier for where the campaign stands today. Call me naive, but I never thought this campaign would have so many challenges and obstacles as it has had, I thought i could finish the campaign in 2 months tops, even if it had some setbacks. For this reason, I will refund anyone that asks once I receive the money from the supplier. I will give those funders that want a refund a timeline of 1 month to request one, so that the few, if any, funders that still have faith in me can still get their pledge.
    I will post another update before the week is over to let you guys know where I stand with the suppliers refund and or if he just agrees to honor the price we agreed upon and gives us the order. If we get the order, I know many of you just rather get a refund so i will let you guys know how many refunds i can give out without hurting the campaign financially. Refunds will be given priority by the order I received the refund request email. There are still a handful of refunds I have not sent out as i promised which will go out tomorrow. I am still 100% committed to this project and i will keep fighting until the project is complete or make good with everyone.

    With significant disappointment,

    Hopefully contributor's can request a refund from there credit card company.

    This may turn out to be a huge Ponzi Scam,

    Joey G...
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  11. ghrit

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    Airtime asked about polymer lowers. There was a response from a guy representing a company that makes them, which I removed from public view due to the distinct sales quality of the first post from someone we don't know. It is possible I did a dis-service in doing so. The outfit appears legit, here's the link. I have no stake in this, but in fairness here's the website link. They have a forum with some feedback. Do your own due diligence.
    The eighty percent specialist for home made firearms

    BTW, thanks, Joey. One more illustration of the pitfalls of crowd source funding.
  12. Jeff Brackett

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    Yeah, I get the distinct impression that I'm out $100. (sigh)
  13. techsar

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    You won't be the only one...but I am trying to be optimistic about this.:oops:
  14. VisuTrac

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    I participated in 4 crowd funded projects in late 2012/2013.
    the results:
    None on time.
    One disappeared overnight (only out 35 bucks)
    2 delivered product 6 months late (with lots of angry funders)
    1 delivered product 11 months late, I think i was the only one not pissed as i figured I was already out the 300+ bucks after it was 30 days past getting it into the lab for testing/burn-in .. for the pre-production prototype. and nary a word from them for weeks and weeks after that.

    My suggestion about crowd funding a project/product?
    Only invest if you are passionate about the project/product.
    and only if you don't care if you ever get results.

    If you are waiting on it and checking and goading the project managers along the entire time, you probably shouldn't do it.
    your sanity will thank you later.
  15. Joey Gotts

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    Are there any crowd funding sites left that will accept a 80% lower project?


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