Crying Wolf – A Documentary Exposing The Anti’s True Agenda

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    Watch the entire film:
    (no link to movie at this time)
    Watch the release overview by J.D. King:

    (Crying Wolf movie)

    “Some of the most famous elk herds in the world are slowly becoming things of the past. The Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd in Montana once numbered nearly 20,000 head; today there is less than 4,000, and it’s because of wolves.
    The great Bitterroot Herd, also in Montana, is now in real jeopardy of basically being gone for the same reason.
    There’s an agenda behind the wolf movement and it has nothing to do with saving wolves or balancing ecosystems. It’s about eliminating the sportsmen, the hunter, and destroying the North American wildlife system. Find this hard to believe?
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    Excellent movie! Too bad the useful idiots won't watch it and learn from it. The Yellowstone herds are in sad sad shape. And nothing coming from DC is aimed at or even equipped to address the issue.

    They™ just won't be happy until we're all gone. Agenda 21. Oh wait, that's just a silly CT. Nothing to it. How silly of me!

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    Peta is actually a front for the anti gun left. If you notice who is on their board you guys like Bill Mar and now Pammy Anderson. These people are all anti gun. By doing away with hunting they can do away with guns. That is their agenda. Don't kid yourself though professional hunters are taking way more elk then should be allowed. There no less than 50 shows on the outdoor channel where there are guys are out there killing elk and killing the biggest and best genetic bulls in the herds. Its big business to kill elk and plaster it all over the cable and satellite tv stations. These guys travel from state to state killing elk and deer all over the United States. Some of these ass hats kill 10 to 20 elk per year. Wolves are a part of the problem and as their number grow they impact more and more game. They mostly kill the weak and wounded left by these corporate hunters selling Archery,firearm,optics and ammunition for huge corporations. Im getting sick of watching 12 elk kills a day on Versus and the Outdoor channel. You wanted the truth. There it is. Kingfish
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    In short the Government has not held up its end of the deal and let the wolves over populate. Now they need to be hunted down to that 10 breeding pairs they agreed on. If it were up to me ? I would just kill them all.

    However I still have no respect for the corporate hunters selling products and killing thousands of elk , deer, waterfowl , bears, moose etc. These shows give these guys the money to buy tags in every state in the nation and they kill literally thousands of game animals every year. Wolves take the weakest out of the herds, Professional big game hunters kill the biggest and best genetic of the bulls and bucks. They should not be able to kill more then they can eat.

    Balance is the key to any eco system. Man does and always will have the greatest impact on every eco system he touches. Open the season on wolves and prohibit professional television hunting. I would like to see hunting go back to the people who hunt for food and taking only what they can eat. Private ranches and reserves are a separate issue. Let them film and kill these private herds but they should be stopped from exploiting public lands. KF
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    If you and others didnt watch the show, you would not have to see 12 elk kills a day because the advertisers would bail and then the funding would stop and then the show would be canceled so you definitely would not have have to watch 12 elk kills a day.

    The best thing I ever did was dump cable tv.
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    I prefer a herd of 16,200 elk in yellowstone prior to the wolf introduction, not the 4,200 that are left. Little human hunting resulted in this drop.

    I have no problem with the re-eradication of wolves from the US continent. The original goal was to have 78 wolves in yellowstone.....however the result is 1,500+, many which gave left yellowstone to establish new packs. Gut shoot em!
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    I admit, I haven't watched the video, but will when I get home today.

    The wolf pendulum swung too far and now has to swing back. It will in due time.
    Wolf hunting season opens across much of Idaho

    The elk will come back a bit until balance is achieved. I agree on KF's analysis of keeping the balance. Sometimes killing the trophy isn't worth it. I've become more of a doe hunter since I am only really hunting for the freezer.
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    I would like to see something else. I like the channel just cant stand the fact that these so called professional killers get to hunt in every state and on public lands and profit from it. The fact is real. Professional hunters kill thousands of ELK every year. Add that to wolf predation and normal hunting pressures and you get the numbers you have today. Those are the facts.

    #1 Wolf numbers need to be reduced or eliminated
    #2 There needs to be some kind of limit to how many game animals one person can kill in a single year.
    #3 The issue of Mountain Lions also needs to be addressed in the far western states where they are now eating people. KF
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    Maybe those TV hunters should switch to killing wolves and mountain lions. That way the elk are spared and we have predator control...
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    I have no problem with so called balance, but I didnt see anywhere in the constitution where the was granted this right. States should decided and they alone should se the quotas, etc.

    This is a 10th Amendment issue, Period. Who wants a human hating environmentalist in NYC leading the charge for wolf reintroduction? That is what you got in this reintroduction.
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    I hear about this every day. We have wolf packs all over where I live. 1 between 2 state university towns. Pets in a town 8 miles away going missing. I don't know what they where thinking, but we have people here who want to reintroduce grizzly bears to California. Let them learn what we have been living for the past few years. We got a wolf tag this year and they are selling like crazy. Our elk hunt this year so far has been sub normal. Not many people seeing the numbers they used to. Wolves have taken their toll and some families that rely on elk on their tables for food may go hungry.
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    Wolves in Central Park cool.
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    All part of Agenda 21 and making humans dependent upon cellophane packaged food.
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    This wzs NOT "wolf reintroduction" as these are not the type wolves that were here before. The gubmint imported the much bigger more agressive Canadian wolves. Different sort of critter. They kill for sport.
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    My crazy conspiratorial side believes it was a hybrid of Canadian wolf and dire wolf as a test. All sources I've checked, however conclude it was a failure to successfully harvest dire wolf DNA, but I remain suspicious.
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    NOTE: we did this in Yellow Stone but not in California, what is animal on state flag in California...????
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    I had known for years the wolf reintroduction was an action of the UN agenda 21 ,but no one would listen.
    No one bothers to read the agenda .
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