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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by C.T.Horner, May 9, 2016.

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    My short story MegaMart will be FREE on kindle on the 11th for one day only so get it free while you can.

    My New Book Mr. and Mrs. Grey which just came out yesterday will be available free on the 14th for one day only so make sure you wait and get it then.

    Thanks for your support, without my readers I would be talking to myself.

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    We know you talk to yourself, that's why you write so well.

    And tomorrow is not the 11th...

  3. C.T.Horner

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    Depends on where you are but I get it. Thanks for the help.

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    Well I know what time-zone you are in, the twilight zone, and tomorrow never comes, because then it would be today.

    Have a great day.

  5. C.T.Horner

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    For those of my readers who have not yet read Mr. and Mrs. Grey get it Free this Saturday, and PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW.

    Brief synopsis,

    When it comes to Preppers, there is a general understanding that many will fall into two distinct categories after a catastrophic event: (1) Soft Targets; and (2) Hard Targets. However, there is a third category which is almost never discussed - especially by those who fall into this exclusive group.
    In MR. & MRS. GREY, we will explore a type of Prepper who hides in the shadows and absolutely will not be found posting pictures of their newly acquired weapons or stockpiles of supplies on social media. You also won’t hear them brag about how prepared they are to their coworkers, friends - or even some family members - they don’t completely trust with their lives.
    Oftentimes, wearing a disguise, with cash in hand, they buy supplies from distant vendors, but never online. They purchase their weapons through private sales, at gun shows or out of the back of a van in a dark alley without consideration for where the weapons came from.
    This third type of Prepper carefully takes into account every contingency and is prepared to blend-in with the masses as to not draw attention to themselves.
    “Greys” are neither Soft Targets or Hard Targets they are, in essence, NO Targets.

    As always thanks for your support.

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    dangit, missed it.
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    Thanks, I downloaded it and read it, and I either didn't read the version that you posted on line very well or this one was all new stuff, Thanks, Great! I used Kindle for PC to read it.

    Where do I leave you a review?

  8. azrancher

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    Oh come on Ida, it's only $5.99 now, and I suspect you can still find it on-line somewhere, unless CT has deleted it... It's an interesting possibility on our future.

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