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    I have three cucumber plants with lots of blooms, but have only had one ripe cucumber, one just died at about 2" long. Most of the blooms have turned white. Also, one of the cucumber plant looks a rust color on the leaves.
    My okra is producing, my black-eyed peas are filling pods, but my pole beans have blooms but no bean pods, and my tomato plants have lots of tomatoes and I have netting over 2.

    What do I need to give my cucumbers?
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    Sounds like the cucumbers may be getting too much water. It's either that or fungus. You could water them a little less and spray some fungicide, but some folks don't like to go that route. Your soil could be a little clay-like, too --which could keep some of the nutrients out of the plant and retain a lot of moisture. Also, when veggie plants go pale they need more nitrogen. I can only guess since I am not there.

    Plant your garden so that the plants that want a lot of water (tomatoes, beans, herbs, etc.) are separate from the other plants that like to be a little more dry like peppers, garlic and such.
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