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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Tango3

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    Guess I don't get out Xmas family festivities(belch),We had extended family come in from las vegas and England..I never realized how far removed from the main stream alot of the stuff we take for granted around here is. I tend not to talk about any of the nwo/ct stuff we monkeys are familiar with; though I did discuss the "minot to barksdale live nuke incident" with my bro-in-law (ret usaf cmsgt) and his wife; both AF civ's stationed in britain.

    Are we a ("patriot"?) cult? We seem to have a mutual "mythology". Nobody else seems to see anything wrong with 1 camera for every 13 londoners. Or "taser-ings" for questioning a cops' authority.
  2. Blackjack

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    Not a cult..... but we are "polishing the brass on the Titanic".

    Sorry to be negative and defeatist on Xmas, but I'm feeling like we don't stand a chance with the genpub feeling the way they do.

    I get tired of maintaining hope where I fear there really is none.
  3. Tango3

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    folks haven't heard the pres can use and move the guard without the governors ' say so. Or that the economy (dollar)is supposed to be closing in on a fiery ending.
  4. RightHand

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    We are a diverse group here in Monkeyville. We don't agree with one another on everything. We are all of different ages, ethnicities, locations and backgrounds but the common blood running through our veins is that we are all seekers, unafraid of challenging authority, willing to question and explore everything in an effort to find our own truths. Its the nature of the beast.
  5. Tracy

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    There is always hope.
  6. sheen_estevez

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    Problem is the longer this stuff goes the more normal it will seem to people. There were cameras in the U.K. when I lived there in the mid 90's I felt odd with it. But the longer they are around the more people will say, well it's always been that way. Of course most of us on this board are the age to know what our freedoms are and should be, and know it's not right to be under constant watch by big brother

    If we don't educate the younger generation this will stay the norm
  7. RightHand

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    Sometimes I feel as though I am baying at the moon but it is my hope that some of what I am trying to teach my grandchildren will stick before they start to view me as "nutty old grammy"
  8. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    nutty old "well-armed-grammy?";with the 1911in the knitting basket?
  9. monkeyman

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  10. Mountainman

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    I know what you guys/gals mean about trying to talk to most people about these issues. When I try talking about these things I get some strange looks, usually the subject is changed quickly and most people think I am just a paranoid redneck. Most of them have a much different lifestyle then myself and live in big cities, not even having time to be with friends, let alone be aware of what is happening around them. I used to send emails about issues to all of my contacts hoping that someone would care, but after the zero or near zero response I only send to a very few these days. If it goes to hell in my lifetime it will be interesting how the sheeple will react with their finger up their ass going everything was great, what happened???
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