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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fedorthedog, Jan 28, 2017.

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    I am watching the political change and marking up the newest versions of threats to our way of life. We have been rid of Obummer for all of 8 days and already we have a movement to divide the US with states wanting to leave, and force the parts that don't want to go, to go with them. The anarchist protestors, Etc.

    I am wondering what everyone else is seeing in the evolution of current threat/failure events.
  2. DKR

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    Consider this:
    The Mass Media is having a Snit. Trump is going to be buried under 'bad press' for the next 4 (or 8 if we're lucky) years. Not much we can do about that - maybe best fix is to don't watch the MSM.

    There are real deal threats - make no mistake about it. Most caused in part or in whole by the FedGov. Don't like it? Quit voting for the idiots that let/cause this to happen. Support folks who have their head screwed on straight - that means sending some dough in from time to time.

    Threats come in many forms - I'm more worried about the drug gang shootouts, thugs driving around randomly robbing people and other day to day crap that goes on in my city than some hajji shouting Aloha Snackbar and then shooting up the local mall.

    Question is - what will you do about the situation? There is no more running away - drugs and all the collateral schmidt that comes with that culture - infest even the smallest of small town America.

    I get and stay in local pols faces about issues. I support the pols that at least talk about some way to fix things that don't have a requirement to fork over my entire paycheck. I report crime and suspicious stuff even if the local flatfoots seem to care less.

    Get with like minded friends. Join a church or other social outfit. Turn off the TeeVee. Trust me on this - while things may seem like they suck here in the US of A - things are a whole lot worse just about everywhere else. Besides, Switzerland is an expensive place to live.....

    Case in point - (I just ran some numbers on this). "Activists" in HI moan about the "Growing homeless problem" . The homeless in HI are about 0.005% of the population. For some reason unknown to me, the media just loves these stories, so these grifters get a lot of press. Hence, my advice of turning off the TeeVee.

    Keep your wits about you and enjoy your life - most folks have it pretty good.
  3. VisuTrac

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    It's all bread and circuses.
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  4. Dunerunner

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    Renew your carry permit if required and buy ammunition...
  5. Sgt Nambu

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    The snowflakes and losers are venting, it's the only thing they have the competence to do! :D
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  6. chelloveck

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    Regardless of whether the circuses are provided by Republicans / Liberal - National Party Coalition or Democrats / Australian Labor Party....the bread is paid for by us.:(
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  7. VisuTrac

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    Oh, we pay for the circus too!
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  8. ghrit

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    Us? Do you file US tax returns? C'mon, chelly --- (But thanx for the assistance if you do.)
  9. chelloveck

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    Post#6 edited accordingly .....

    No, I don't pay US income taxes.....but I dare say I'll probably end up subsidizing Australian farmers through my income tax, so that they can flog their beef, lamb, pork and grain to the USA to compete with their respectively heavily subsidized American farmer counterparts who will be heavily protected by conservative government imposed interventionist trade barriers (aka trade tarrifs and import duties). I thought that Conservatives were against big government interventionism with the free market?

    Farm subsidies usually don't lead to more efficient farm production....though they are often relied upon by governments, right and left, to gain or keep office...consumers of course foot the bill for this, thus keeping inefficient enterprises hobbling along, and "big ag" fat and highly profitable
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  10. Tempstar

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    Nothing to see here. Threats are the same as they always were. Just got a bunch of libtards and snowflakes that found their voice and are getting some press.
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  11. bebop

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    I read somewhere the other day that gorbachoff said that all he see's is the world prepping for war. Now I'm not Russian but I'm starting to think we need to get ready for foreign and my personal thoughts about "protesters" is that it would not be as bad if just some "some" cameras were not shoved in their faces they would go quietly.
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  12. Yard Dart

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    But that is not the agenda......
    We as a nation are at war.... the left vs the right.... don't let anyone lull you into complacency.... each plans to win.
    That may be via the ballot box or the bullet. Evidently one party is pissed off about the results of the ballot box and protesting at every turn.... what that leads to, only time will tell. But if you watch closely... you can see the coordination going on... the puppet masters are hard at work!!!!
  13. arleigh

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    All it takes for tyranny to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
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  14. bebop

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    Was listening today and heard where obama saying that he was proud of the protesters there's one puppet master now just to find the others and I will put all names out there
  15. VisuTrac

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    Way easier to put the boot on protests/demonstrations if they turn violent/destructive. Then TPTB can control the narrative and response to the uprising.

    Note: If they start swarming about chanting and waving signs and throwing shyte. I'm moving perpendicular to their progress and then away.
  16. Ganado

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    media manipulation conservative or liberal you are letting them manipulate you into fighting. WE ARE AMERICANS... this is the conversation we should be having, not how liberal or conservative is more important.
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  17. Tempstar

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    Remember those protesting the 1%? This too will die off as they lose interest. Trump knows this and chooses to just let it die rather than substantiate it with a comment. Good for him!
  18. BTPost

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    Eventually Soros's Money will not be enough to keep the Protest going.... As I see it, the NEW AG, should sick the FBI on Following the MONEY, on these Paid Protesters... and if it comes from Off-Shore... Then issue Arrest Warrants for the Source, for Interfering with our American Legal System, and Conspiracy to do so....

    and I am VERY Happy to see Pres. Trump, tell that Acting US AG, "Your Fired".... Couldn't happen to a NICER Lady.....
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  19. chimo

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    Correct. As events are proving "we" are the responsible adults, while "they" are proving to be the spoiled brats throwing a hissy fit. As the responsible adults we should not be giving their hissy fit the attention they crave, but rather ignoring it (while at the same time taking action when it goes to far) until they cry themselves out and ultimately forget what they were crying about in the first place. ;)
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  20. fedorthedog

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    Remember that the left is looking to create that oppression moment, Kent state revisited. It will happen but hopefully for cause. I read report of protestors throwing Molotov cocktails at police. That is lethal force and in this country shooting the bad guy would be legal but oh god would the left go off not understanding why. I having thought this threw intend to simply shoot the bottle out of his hand and end the threat, ya that's it.
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