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    Just a quick heads up
    Mods, if linking is a no-go, please remove
    Identification Tags for Military Equipment

    CP Gear is a Canadian company out of Fredericton NB that makes mil-spec stuff of very good quality
    I purchased a bunch of their name tapes with metal loop for friends for Christmas
    ( $15.00 cad each)and they were very well received. I use mine as a key chain and I note they have other tapes for labelling gear.
    tent/cots/etc whatever you want it to say
    looking at a few to organize sleeping bags etc that I stow in duffel bags

    They carry and sell a good line of product, I have their Carry on bag with my surname on it and a shaving kit with my name on it. My buddy has had his wallet from them, for going on 20 years.

    It is not cheap stuff, but seems to be well worth the cost.
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    Looks like good stuff. Thanks for the link
    Just the thing for a set of 4 identical looking rifle cases: mine, wife, daughter, guest. Might have to give these a go
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    Your original link got corrupted somehow. Here's another one.

    Link removed. Please see the "Notice to Vendors" here. - Notice to Vendors
    As a first post, links to external sites are discouraged. You could well be on the up and up, but we can't tell yet.
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    cheers, Thanks ghrit
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    I ordered and received 5 tags. Took less than a week.

    I didn't research much but it was mentioned that the company was Canadian but these shipped from Florida. Either way is fine by me :)
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    Look forward to a gear review.
    The Florida point of shipping is interesting.
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