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  1. fedorthedog

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    The attached is a link to a video on how to make a shot shell act like a slug good info

    Shotguns Lost Arts pt. 1
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  2. Hispeedal2

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    In the absence of breaching rounds, this technique does work better than uncut shells. There is still the chance of a stray pellet bouncing off heavy steel- just less of a chance than if standard shot is used. Use at your own risk.
  3. ghrit

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    There's also a pretty good chance of the hull hanging up and sticking in the barrel. Not good.
  4. Mountainman

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    Cool, a 12 gauge glaser safety slug. Ghrit your right and I would only shoot them in a break open shotgun for barrel inspection.
  5. dragonfly

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    They can be nasty "IF" not "cut" properly!
    Blows an H&R single shot in half!
    ( Texas 1963)
  6. Huntinbull

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    My grand-dad used cut shells for deer in his "tractor gun". His tractor gun was a single shot J.C Higgins in 16 gauge. Had an old gun case cut down and mounted to his tractor fender. took many a game animal including deer and "partridge" (what they call grouse in the U.P.) while plowing/discing/harrowing.
  7. Tikka

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    Back in the day, we dripped wax on buckshot to hold it together better. Dad took deer with them. He was good at taking deer.
  8. enough

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    Digging up an older thread here ... hey, the search function does work! :)

    hispeedal mentioned the chance of ricochet on metal. What are the other risks of a "wax slug"? Honestly, I had never even heard of this until recently. I'm not much of a shotgunner (I'm a rifle guy) but I've been developing a greater interest and it plays a part in preps.

    There was mention of getting the hull stuck. Please explain. Why?

    Also, cutting it too much. Why?

    Thanks. :thumbup:
  9. ghrit

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    -Stuck hull happens if the crimp opens with the cut section of the hull still in the barrel. OR it gets caught in the choke.
    -Cut too far, and the whole thing falls apart before you shoot either in your hand, or it separates and slides into the barrel and stops before firing. Dangerous, same as stuck bullet in a rifle barrel.

    Dunno about wax.
  10. RouteClearance

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    Just check your barrel after every shot.

    Now for tho with no common sense, please watch the embedded video
  11. RouteClearance

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