Cutting everything down to the basic and nothing else

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    I'm moving toward beening totally low tech in my life with a simple cell phone plan from Net10 for basic phone calls to useing my Ipad2 to keep track of thing's to browsing the forum's i'm on using public place's like Bugerking and other places that has free wifi to use ..

    The way the whole thing now is about trying to live on a $700.oo dollar's a month and banking the rest for buying long term supplies and some of it going into a fund for just in case for the future .

    Some time's you have to look at the way thing's are going and wonder if the future is going to be bright or dim so i'm going to be ready for just in case
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    Work slowed down; We cut down to one car( ford escape) and my bikes( gl1800/ enfield 500 bullet military).
    The weather took swing to cold last weekend; so I'm gonna be giving up some on- demand mobility once the snow finally sets in ( Wisconsin). Already buy as little as possible( just the "staples");You know:
    .22lr/bottles of hoppes/ cheaper $13.00/bottle whiskey etc...
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    Long Range plans

    My family and I have been parring down our life style for the last 5 years or so. The only deviations from the plan was the purchase of a 2005 Pontiac Vibe (toyota Matrix) due to an unplanned fender bender and the on-going investment in Solar. We have had no TV for over 10 years and have an expensive internet service for my reading, the Misses reciepes and canning sites and the kids school stuff. Both Kids have accepted the fact that they will be getting the hand me down vechicles to start with. And then it will be only after they have secured employment to cover gas and half the insurance. It seems everytime we get ahead money wise, something friggin breaks. Just finished a remodel project when #1 son backed over the trailer, which was loaded with my carpentry tools, wth the tractor. Good thing he is #1 son and ONLY son.;) It is a continuous battle to stay within the buget when so much is going on.

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    Not working, but wife is, so down to 1 small income.

    We outright own our previously owned vehicles (bought used, with less than 7k Miles on the wife's and 4K on mine, currently she has less than 60K miles on her van, and I have less than 55K on my car - they are essentially not even "broken in" yet). We will likely NOT buy another car/cars, barring unforeseen circumstances.

    We buy nothing not immediately needed and with cash and only after going at least 24 hours before purchase. Keeps the "I want" purchases down to zero.

    Kids birthday gifts this year were home made cakes (I make the cakes and icing from scratch), picking dinner for the day, and a movie (one that we own) of their choice.

    Clothes for the kids are bought well in advance of need, and usually from Salvation Army, Goodwill, EBay, or by grandparents. My wife also sews the girls dresses, and the boys pants, with fabric she buys at a discount (70% or greater), or we do without.
    Shoes are bought for the next 4 sizes and from Dollar General (knock off Converse sneakers). Boots and the like were pre-bought 4 sizes in advance and handed from kid to kid to kid, based on size, replaced only as absolutely needed. The wife and I have not bought "new" clothes in 12 years, and do not anticipate doing so any time soon.

    I can absolutely every bit of produce we do not eat or cannot preserve with canning and I can all of the rabbit meat we produce, unless the rabbit is chosen for that night's dinner. I spend an average of 3-6 hours a week canning.

    We eat well, want for nothing, and have a roof over our heads.

    Internet is a necessary expense for my wife's work.

    Telephones cost us 20 bucks a month. Needed to stay in contact and also so I can receive calls about interviews, again, a necessary expense.

    We, a family of 5, live well within our means, and do not ever spend 100% of my wife's paltry salary.

    Sure, we don't go out a lot. We have picnics at the park, weather permitting. We go to the library once a month, the kids love getting "their books".

    The Lord has provided ample blessings for my family. He will continue to do so. It is all a matter of perspective, and faith.

    It is amazing what you truly have when you stop buying into the "I have to have" consumer mentality. We are all going to be that way one day, IMO. When TSHTF, and I think it will soon and in a big way, we will all be doing without a lot of what we can't do without now.
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