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    the more I read about the government wanting to disarm the USA I think its getting closer to CWII and as old as I am it scares me -my father fought in 3 wars and I had my one I really don't want to see a war here in the US but I know it will happen its just a matter of time as people are more and more lost and angry over our government trying to take over ALL our rights--I find it hard to sleep at night worrying it I can take care of my family
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    My only response is to ask just how many hold their principals higher than their assets? Once you have reached the age beyond child rearing years, your obligations tend to shift towards material comforts and most hold those comforts in higher regards than principal. This Country will see no revolution unless many decide principal outweighs stored assets. Period.
    ...on second thought, neglect that period and just ask how many are ready to risk everything they own and hold dear to stand up against the Nazi?
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    You are not at all alone. That why this electic crew of misfits has come together as a family. Hold true to your core values and what you know is right. Good will prevail. It may well be difficult and bloody. You and I may not survive. No one lives for ever on this earth. Prepare for the worst, Hope or Pray for the best, and live your life as a free man.
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    I will stand up and until I'm down I will be for principals --hell I"ve been taking care of loved ones for even and will continue ----IN GOD WE TRUST and the FLAG of AMERICA
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    I thought the sixties were bad enough with the riots and the way the public treated veterans.

    Now it's the .gov treating the vet's badly, shredding the Consituition, spying on it's citizens, setting people against each other and creating an envrionment of fear.

    We've outsourced just about all of our manufacturing base and I'm no economist but there's no way we can survive as a nation of consumers.

    The "Entitled Generation" be they citizens or immigrants are draining the economy and the .gov is set to tax us to death in a vain attempt to remain in power. Things didn't go very well for the last government which tried taxing us to death.

    Now we're about to be disarmed.

    Only thing I know is voting sure as heck isn't gonna fix this.
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    This forum (as far as I believe) doesn't exist as a place where we come to discuss overthrowing the government and cry for bloody revolution.

    It's a venue through which people come to discuss and share ideas, news, and strategies on how to survive and prepare for a disaster or socio-economic collapse. Its a resource. And a community through which we can pool our knowledge. At least, that was my understanding when I signed up.

    Be thankful you live in a land of peace and prosperity. A place most of the rest of the world envies.

    Anyone here with military background and actual sand on their boots knows how lucky each and every one of us are to live as we do. Because many others are not anywhere near so fortunate.

    A handful of you speak as though you are almost excited by the idea of civil war. I wonder how many have actually been to war and seen it first hand. Maybe if you had you would not be chomping at the bit to bring it home.

    There is nothing wrong with being a patriot. You have good reason to love your nation. You are blessed to live under a democratic rule. A right which, again, many others are envious of. A right which men have fought and died to protect.

    Your governing body, whether you like it or not, was elected by a majority vote. That is the democratic process.

    Nations have their ups and their downs. But if you feel that you are truly so hard done by, so truly oppressed, that you would see war and death upon the land rather than live under such a harsh rule, then I encourage you to go give your head a shake because you don't know how good you have it.
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    Yea, Brokor.....
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    I agree. I can only imagine the warnings on the header messages from the mods now...
    Yup. ;) Nice avatar!
    I have to disagree, sorry. For the land of "peace" you speak of, with the world's largest prison population and police state, it's not so peaceful. I never even got a speeding ticket when I lived in Germany.
    True, we are quite accustomed to frivolities, having been spoon-fed by corporations and become complacent through the years. It does surprise me how the lack of simple sanitation can turn a person's world upside down. Perhaps a person's fortune is in the eye of the beholder in some cases. Some would argue that it is better to live free than to exist comfortably as an indifferent slave, no matter the amenities available.
    I am not sure I follow. The concept of civil war would be to have a means to an end --establishing a new government which obeys the Constitution and remains limited, as originally prescribed would be a step forward. Naturally, it would be bloody, especially if we use our first civil war as a template. The question then becomes, will the end justify the means? Would it be better to continue to live in a fascist police state, or chance victory and obtain liberty?
    This is debatable, of course. Some would argue (myself included) that there is no such thing as "democratic process" in a controlled two-party paradigm, with a government operating as a corporation and concerned only with further empowering itself on the global stage. Certainly, I would agree with you on the point of the majority consenting to their own enslavement; dictators are often made in this manner.
    It must be a matter of perception for you, not principle. To those of us who speak of principles, we have already cast off the curtain which once shrouded the little man behind the stage creating smoke. People should not fear their government --governments should fear the people. Saying we "have it good" in comparison to, let's say a war-torn Iraq is not a proper example, nor should we accept this model since the war was created by our incorporated government for profit in the first place. Also, comparing "how good we have it" to any third world country would be improper since they were never minimalist republics to begin, nor were they empowered by the people, who hold all the power in a republic. I guess what I am getting at, is the primary duty of every citizen in every sovereign state of the union, rebellion. Hell, our country was founded by rebels from the English Empire. It would be a great tragedy if this country ever silently acquiesced and submitted to tyranny; the very spirit of liberty is fed by the blood of tyrants. There is no magical, clean and pretty way to cure despotism --and no tyrant has ever abdicated the throne to peaceful protest.

    Again, this argument may only be principle over perception. A lot of folks have families and assets, and they don't like others rocking the boat. They tell themselves every day, "it's got to get better, somehow". And yet, we are steadily headed in one direction with the temperature gradually increased, until the frog is cooked. This is the future of America: an incremental march toward establishing a global corporate empire.

    There's nothing wrong with dissenting tyranny. I only have a problem with the millions of clones who will welcome it with thunderous applause because they dared not understand that ideas are bulletproof, and liberty is an idea that shall never perish.
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    You make some good points, but I think you may be taking some of the comments too seriously, and/or are reading them too critically. A lot of folks are just venting.

    I, for one, appreciate the variety of discussion topics, and of opinions, to be found on this forum. It's the main reason that I pulled a chair up to the fire. Other survival/prepper forums that I've run across haven't held my attention. I can discuss bow drills and canning for only so long. For me, this is a nice place to chat, to share knowledge, to look for advice, to debate, and occasionally to vent.

    I think that most of the folks here understand the consequences of war. I don't think that anyone here really wants to see our nation consumed by war; but I think that most folks here are frustrated that our "democratic process" isn't working very well. It appears to many that it will take some catastrophic event, be it war or economic meltdown, to even begin to correct the disastrous course that this nation seems to be set upon.

    We have become a nation of consumers, and we are consuming our birthright, our nation, and our future. "An honest politician" is almost a punchline to a joke these days, and the majority of voters in our democratic process don't seem to get it, that continuing to vote into office these charlatans who offer up bread and circuses to the masses is to follow a long line of failed empires into the dust of history.

    I think that most folks here are furious at the idiots who are continuing to drill holes into the hull of this ship within which we all sail. We're tired of bailing water while others sit back and watch the hull settle into the waves. If what is going on around us doesn't make a person angry, then they truly aren't paying attention.

    I spent twenty-three years in the Marines. I've knocked a lot of dust off of my boots, in a lot of different locales; and I'm one of those wondering when we will see widespread violence in this nation, and to what degree it will occur. Am I looking forward to it? No, absolutely not. I do see it as almost inevitable though. It may take the ship actually sinking before we can move to the lifeboats and correct our course.

    Just my two cents.
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    So what. Why is it that just because 50.1% of any group wins an election, they think they have some "mandate" to do whatever they want to do. There is still the Constitution. Oh, and this too:

    According to your logic, if the majority voted for people who chose to ignore the Constitution, the rest of us (49.9%) would have to just say "Well, they won fair and square . . . it is, after all, the democratic process. Maybe we'll win next time."

    Exactly what the loyalists to King George said . . . luckily, there were some people who thought some principles are worth fighting for.

    Finally, I haven't seen anyone espousing violent action with arms. Secession of a state would accomplish the same goal as armed conflict. Diffuser mod.
  11. NotSoSneaky

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    We do NOT live in a "Demoracry", we live in a Republic and are supposed to be governed according to a set of documents set down by the Founders 236 years ago.

    That "majority" vote is debatable. The fix was in a long time ago
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    well said cato
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    Those were actually some well-thought out replies to what can be a pretty sticky discussion topic with a number of good and valid points. Some food for thought...
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    Strykar, you can rest assured that the mods and admins on this forum would be all over anyone seeking to promote subversive activities. SM will not tolerate that at all.

    It's worth the note that prepping is a dry subject. It isn't easily covered without some leavening and discussion of potential reasons for prepping in the first place. Hence the subforums for venting and blue (or cloudy) sky thinking (including tinfoil) that aren't directly related to preps.
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    Plus, there are only "so" many ways we can discuss most of the survival topics --multiple threads on the same topic is routine, even with moderators watching and pruning. It's nice to discuss 'whatever' political emergency arises every week...and even nicer knowing we can escape back into the survival mode of communicating and lose ourselves in a well written thread on gear and prepping.

    As for the "Democracy" vs. "Republic" thing...I do believe I posted something about it (7) years ago.

    OH! 2005: The Fed | Page 2

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    Im sure everyone in here has well most of America already knows the the country wont exist it its current "state" very much longer, and in a very REAL sense that may be the only thing keeping a civil war from happening.
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  17. tacmotusn

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    I'm makin' a list
    and checkin' it thrice.
    gonna remember
    who's naughty n nice.
    Santa Patriot
    is trying not to go on a rampage.

    He sees you when you're lying.
    He know's it when you cheat.
    He loves the Consitution,
    and he's storing food to eat.

    He's got a healthy arsenel
    and bullets for it too
    He has stores for months and months
    and a bunker hidden from you

    ............................... hic !!! .................. pass me some more of that rum.
    thank your lucky ears you didn't hear me sing that.
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    Sadly enough I was singing in my head as reading it, ouch, now my brain hurts
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    lol me too
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    Seriously though, I think that Piers Morgan (brit twit) is stirring the pot with an outboard motor and is trying to get us (citizens) to start a chootin' match. His cable show, public statements, and internet feeds.

    This is one dangerous person. He's basically trying to create the news! He reminds me of Elliot Carver in the James Bond movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies'
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