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Czech Mil. Medical Bandage Kit

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by WestPointMAG, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. WestPointMAG

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    Anyone that needs a good first aid / trauma kit I can recommend this one and I can truthfully say it is about the best one you can get for the price. I have one and was very impressed with the quality. My FFL and I each bought one at the same time when they were first offered at $12.99. But even at $20.00 they are still a good deal. Mine had a folding knife and his came with a sheath knife. Both were of good quality and the folder is worth more then I paid for my kit. Right now the kit is buried under 360 cubic feet of preps {my closet} but I will dig it out and post some photos of it soon. The labels are printed in Czech but they are simple to translate so I will also post the translations if anyone needs them.
    There is plenty of room in the kit to add more.
    The photo is from sportsman’s guide I will replace it with mine later.

  2. dragonfly

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