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    Ready: Tongues planted firmly in cheeks (Certainly no offense meant to any real A A members):

    :Hi everybody Greta Wilson brought cookies and sodas on the table in the back:

    My name is Frank and I am a "doomer"::shock:

    I am guilty of accepting the worst possible scenarios of human tradgedy as likely and giving further life to myths and claims by passing them on on single source or at face value.
    I have exhibited Sloth; having been too lazy to check the validity of teachings by the great Saints: Saint Savinar, Saint Kunstler ( the patron saint of "cluster f##K nation), Saint "Michael the wanderer" (from thewilderness?) and Archbishop Jones. b::[own2][own2]

    I find I have a toxic need to control my environment (hence exposing deep seated insecurities, I'm seemingly reluctant to face head on.).
    Creator please grant me the wisdom to separate the the things I can and should prepare for; from the Charlatan visions of doom created as somebodies stream of income to be reaped from the gullible....
    Help me to accept there are things greater than myself I cannot control and should leave to deities above my paygrade.

    I am guilty of alienating family and friends not washed in the blood of mythical nwo troopers, black helicopters, missing aircraft wreckage, and "false flag" operations.

    Creator please help me dabble in these entertaining falsehoods while protecting me from sliding down the slippery slope into the gullet of disciple hood of the false prophets who litter my ISP...
    Oh yeah and Damn the spp: and please give Sith lord cheney hemmorhoids...

    I wrote that as humorous, but strangely I feel better spewing it forth...Sometimes a light hearted look at ourselves(myself) can teach (me!) us few things.[touchdown]No offense to anybody else ,the wife was fixin to move my toothbrush and blanky out to the shop.:shock::shock:
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    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Okay so it wasn't that funny...( just feeling fooled)
    ( I was a big follower of Mike Ruppert; and doing a followup last night I ran across some outspoken critics who had some good observations and made me feel ridiculous, now I have to research them.see who I give more weight to....
    Also seems mike is now considered a suspect in the dramatic and publicized break in and vandalism of the "from the wilderness" offices...
    but I have yet to corroborate that story...
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