Dad Accidentally Shoots Self, Son Accidentally Shoots Mom

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    2nd Amendment Revocation: Dad Accidentally Shoots Self, Son Accidentally Shoots Mom


    Accidentally shooting yourself: it's embarrassing and it hurts (sometimes fatally!). Accidentally shooting yourself and then your son accidentally shooting your wife: are you sure you're qualified to own a firearm?
    The double shooting blunder happened in Alabama recently, as the father, Allen Jones, was retrieving his trusty Glock .40 handgun from the glove box in his truck.

    As he walked back to his house, he tripped and fell, causing the gun to discharge and accidentally shoot him in the leg, just above his knee.

    Because his wife Aleisha was upstairs bathing, it was his young son who was the first on the scene. And by the time Aleisha had made it downstairs the little lad was holding the weapon.

    When she then tried to take the gun from the child, another round fired, this time shooting her in the left side of her neck.

    Neighbors who heard the gunfire called 911 and the wounded pair were soon taken to to hospital where they're in stable condition.
    Dammit Darwin, what are you, on vacation? This could have been a couple easy award recipients right here. But did you show up to give them trophies? Nooooooooo. YOU KNOW THEY'RE NOT GOING TO LEARN THEIR LESSON! Just ask the father, I dare you -- ask him what he learned. "Don't keep my gun in the glove box." SEE?!?!

    Crappy local news report after the jump.

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    I wonder if the father will be charged with Self-Inflicted Assault with a Deadly Weapon or maybe Attempted Suicide [peep]
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    Hey Colt, I have serious doubts about the truthfulness of the story. In the text it stated the Mom was "Upstairs" taking a bath, but the house in the picture is a single story Ranch style house.... I wonder who is full of C**P on this one.....
  4. ColtCarbine

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    I do not know what to tell you on that. I did do a thorough search on the web prior to posting and found that many news organizations across the country have this posted on their websites. Seemed a little far fetched to me when I read it, which is why I did a search. We'll see if it is true or not eventually.
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    If it's true, the father was an idiot - carrying the gun with finger on the trigger! Why was it not in a holster?
    Second mistake - letting the kid have access, and having NOT trained the kid to NOT touch the gun.

    This guy broke all the rules of safe gun handling....... :rolleyes:
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    Maybe it has a basement, which would make the ground-level floor the upstairs?
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    You know if that gun had a GPS this never would have happened. [nono]

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