Dandelion Wine

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    I should have posted this in the spring but it's something to plan on for next year.

    When gunbunny asked about making vinegar, it inspired me to get out my mother's recipe for Dandelion Wine. The wine ages very well with a fruity aroma and flavor and deep amber color.

    1 Quart Dandelion Blossoms, tightly packed
    2 gals boiling water

    Pour boiling water on blossoms and let stand 24 hrs

    In separate container put
    5 medium oranges
    5 medium lemons
    Both ground up, skins and all
    6 lbs granulated sugar
    1 lb raisens

    Let stand during the same 24 hr period.

    Combine both mixtures together, Add cultivated yeast. If cultivated not available, you can use either cake or compressed

    Cover crock with cheesecloth and let this mixture stand, out of direct sunlight, at 60 to 80 degrees until fermentation has stopped, stirring occasionally. This is usually about 8 to 12 weeks.

    Filter and bottle but do not cap immediately. Cover with pin pricked paper or gauze and let stand until fermentation stops then cap tightly.
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    I do a lot of home brewing mostly beer, ale “Beer and ale are two different things” and mead. I don’t suggest doing it this way if you can avoid it. If this is all you have then go for it but if you want good dandelion wine try this.
    1 gallon (Multiply by 5 for a full 5 gallon batch.

    2.5 lbs. Raw Honey
    75 oz. Organic White Grape Juice
    64 oz. Dandelion Tea (2 qt flowers in 64 oz. water)
    1 Large Lemon Rind & Juice
    1 orange Rind & Juice
    .5 tsp yeast nutrient
    Irish Moss

    Wyeast Dry Mead Yeast
    Now do the same thing as “RightHand” said to do up till the point where he says to cover it with chease cloth and leave it. Instead get a 5 gallon carboy, stopper and an air lock this will cost you about $26 from http://www.thegrape.net/browse.cfm/4,10348.html and is a good investment anyway if you’re going to be doing this kind of thing. Pore the stuff into the carboy and put on the stopper and the air lock. Now then just let this sucker sit for about 3-6 months or until the fermentation stops and it clears up nicely"It's better if you leave it longer", you can stir it once in a while but I normally don’t. Then bottle and enjoy, I guarantee it will be better if you do it this way. No offense Righthand.
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    There's more than one way to skin a cat and since I'm always open to learning alternative methods and recipes I appreciate the information. Thanks
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    I was reading that many make the mistake and use the whole blossom. In order to make good dandelion wine, use the yellow petals only otherwise you will have bitter wine.
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