DANGER ALERT!!! Do you know how old are your "just bought br

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    DANGER ALERT!!! Do you know how old are your "just bought brand new" vehicle's tires?
    <HR style="COLOR: #ffffff; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Do you know when were your vehicle tires manufactured? Consumers in US are basically kept in the dark about the proposing 6 years expiration date of unused tires. As the tires get old, the tires can potentially create dangerous situation on the roads, especially in the case of freeway speed.

    Please watch this clip and be aware of the critical manufacturing dating code. If you are getting new tires, watch out so that you get the freshly dated tires for your bucks. More importantly, you want to purchase a set of safe tires for you and your family.

    The information in this abc news article can save some one life and to avoid tragic loss!

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    Re: DANGER ALERT!!! Do you know how old are your "just bough

    I had NO idea about looking out for this!

    Thanks, Quigs...I am pricing new tires now, and needed to read about that! It's bad enough that they see me walk in and try to take me for everything they can.....I've had it happen so many times. They see a woman, alone, and start on you right away.

    Btw, they really hate it when you let them do their whole spiel and then tell them the BS part of it.... :)
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