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  1. DarkLight

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    Gratuitous Self Promotion!

    I've been gone for a while because I needed to just buckle down and finish book 2 in the series I've been working on and now it's DONE!

    Dark Grid (book one) is free for download today (9/7/12)

    and Dark Road (book two) is finally out!

    Dark Grid has been thoroughly edited (language, content, story flow and about 15,000 words) and is now its Second Edition. Reviews since the re-write have been very positive and I really think you'll enjoy Dark Road.

    If you want a signed paperback I can work with you on that as well. Contact melbo or myself via PM.

  2. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Mr David Waldron , Very kewl.
    Myself & wife have seen folks reading from electronics readers , We use the battery free type , little thicker , but can be used for kindle (ing) plus.. (joke paper book speed) I would love to download your writings & see your perspective . Were Pc based win XP.
    Many audio books i downloaded when we were both blind while our eyes were on the mend. (4 months min) but this new phase of kindle / took or something has us at a loss. Myself / I did (way younger) did Grid transmission tower checking with Helios .

    Question is , how or where is something that works to download your writings to a pc for reading .

    Just Sloth
  3. TwoCrows

    TwoCrows Monkey++

    Amazon has a Kindle for PC application, that you can download and use for free.

    I use it and it works well.

    There are other ebook applications you could use, such as Calibre and FBReader
  4. DarkLight

    DarkLight Live Long and Prosper - On Hiatus

    TwoCrows -
    Beat me to it. In addition, both are going to be available on other e-reader platforms after September 18th (when my exclusivity with Amazon expires on the first book, 90-day thing).
    The nice thing about Calibre is that it will allow you to read multiple formats, not just Kindle, although the Kindle reader for PC is a nice program for Kindle specific books...works well.

  5. DarkLight

    DarkLight Live Long and Prosper - On Hiatus

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  6. melbo

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    Hows the writing coming along? Anything new?
  7. DarkLight

    DarkLight Live Long and Prosper - On Hiatus

    Nothing since I finished/published Dark Coup. Once the trilogy wrapped up I got kind of burned out. I've been thinking of a couple story lines including something else in the same universe but nothing is speaking to me as it were.
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  8. duane

    duane Monkey+++

    Finished reading the trilogy and Dark Coup ties a lot of things together. Well worth reading and thank you for your effort in writing a very good read. I enjoyed both the story lines and the character development. Nice change to have "real" people trying to survive and making the mistakes that we all probably would in a similar situation and then recovering from them.
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