Darn Wussy Body!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Nov 8, 2016.

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    Glad you're ok, TX!
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    The joy just keeps on comin'. Spent a couple of hours last night in the emergency room at our little local hospital due to blood pressure being really low....it wouldn't get over 85/55! They finally got hold of my cardio doc and he said be at his office at 1 PM today. The ER cut me loose and we went home and slept. Headed over to cardio doc today (3 hour trip one way) and he said that this happens in a few percent of these operations. He told me to be patient and this would get better. He also gave me an excuse for not returning to work until this coming Monday and instructions to drink lots of water, relax, accept that this is going to take "several weeks" to fully go away. Geez. Unfun wherever I turn. LOL

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    Well that is scary.
    I have a feeling this will be the hard part for you. Several weeks seems minor compared to what they did. Let your family pamper you a bit, you deserve it.
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    Low blood pressure can be a pain, 100 over 70 is about normal for me, get dizzy when I stand up quick, but Dr said that he sees that problem in a lot of his oldest patients. That is probably the most cheerful statement I have ever heard from a Dr. I hope it will soon get back to your normal,but thank the Lord it is too low and not way to high. It seems like the biggest problem in a lot of modern medicine is finding out which treatment and what dosage your particular body needs. Hang in there and keep us informed.
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    Hang in there Kajun. It didn't get that way in a day, and it won't get back to totally normal in a day. Sounds like you are on the right track now. Best of luck and nothing but good thoughts coming your way.
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    Kajun, just figure that this is your body, trying to get used to NOT having a back pressure device on your circulatory system. Takes a bit for it to readjust, right?

    When I started losing weight, after falling from ~315 to ~265, I noticed that bending over to pick something up, then standing back up again, gave me the most wonderful light headed feeling! Vision narrowing down to a narrow cone, surrounded by gray/black, until the body catches back up with the blood pressure needed, to pump blood back up to my brain again (though some might wonder WHY?? :rolleyes:). Talked to my doctor, after it had gone on for about 2-3 months, and he cut one of my blood pressure pill dosages in half. Seemed to do the trick, for me. :cool:
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    Whew! I am finally feeling like I think I should be feeling. More energy, lot less dizziness when I stand up and walk, blood pressure up around normal, minimal bruising on leg. I forgot to say that the doc took me off my 1 blood pressure pill and I think that helped bunches. Good thing: doc gave me excuse from work through Friday (today). Bad thing: back to work Monday.

    Oh well, I think I'm gonna stop complaining for a bit and just think happy thoughts like Trump is going to be our next president and I don't worry about having a "happy place" or "safe place" for myself cuz I'm strong and was raised right. :)

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