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    From the article (italicized by me): "As for GPS, you have one in your cell phone, as well as a way for the snoops to listen in on what you say, even when you think the phone is switched off."

    :eek: I didn't know about
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    I'll have to do some looking for the coroborating articles but the phone tap has been around for a long time. It can be done with conventional land lines too. It can be accessed and used like a microphone to pick up and transmit any sounds in the vicinity.

    Also ALL televisions manufactured after 1995 have transmit capabilities. They can be accessed and actually transmit video and audio signals back through the cable or satellite. (visions of 1984)

    Anything coming into your home can be accessed and used as outgoing.
    The only gaurd is to unhook your computer from a phone line. Unplug your land line phones, remove the battery from cell phones, and disconnect your television from electricity and any cable or satellite connections.

    Of course if you have nothing to hide then why worry? (said with heavy sarcasm)
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    At least with the old phones you had to bypass the "hookswitch",
    The tv one I always thought was just a myth?? Needs be a camera somewhere. Although we put one in once for a "job" there's alot of open space in a tv especially an older one.plenty of power available inside, Just send the video out by rf.pick it up in the bldg/room next door.
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    For a tv to capture images it would need a way to convert light to a signal. That would require some sort of camera with a lens. Granted it can be as small as a pinhole camera but even those can be seen.

    Are you talking about just them seeing what you are watching ? That can be done covertly. In fact digital boxes only get sent what it requests so all your channel selections are known to them.

    Look over your tv, take the case apart if you have to. You should however be able to spot any cameras in there. I have taken apart several tv's that are newer than 95 to fix. A pinhole camera would have stuck out like a sore thumb to me (I work with them for some customers) I'm not saying they don't exist in all tv's but there were none in the few that I have taken apart.
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    There is a thread in this forum on this but I have'nt found it yet. IIRC, there was an article cited about a technician who had helped to develop the system. I believe it had reverse video capability but could be mistaken. I'm still looking.
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    The light has to hit the sensor in an organized fashon (lens) The second the light hits the metal diffuser screen just inside the glass (phosporus in older units) it will scatter and image will be useless. The focal points of the electron gun at the back and any incoming light (even if it were to get past the diffuser screen in a useable manner) are going to be completely different.

    Either this technology does not exist or it is something completely new since 95. I really don't think crt technology as changed all that much. Too many processes that are effectively one-way in a crt for light to travel in the opposite direction (to be captured) in any sort of organized manner (for an image).

    I'm not saying they are not monitoring or trying to monitor us. Heck they spent billions on echelon on top of agreements with other countries just to spy on us. Heck who knows how many optical and radio satelites are pointed towards the earth.

    I'm totally convinced our government has one big huge voyeur fetish.
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    The CRT is basically unchanged for decades. And a standard CRT working in reverse just isn't possible.

    Flat screens are a different subject, though. I'm not saying they're doing it. But I can easily envision stacking a CCD array in with the LCD.

    Also, remote controls are typically IR based. That means there IS a camera of sorts in most TVs. And it's always on. I've certainly never torn open the remote sensor to see how complex it is.

    That said, my guess would be that a TV's transmission capabilities are probably limited to things like channel selection, viewing times, (a fairly reliable proxy for whether or not you're at home) and possibly audio. A speaker CAN be run in reverse, and very easily.
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    I'll go along with digital "user info" being accessible but big brother video"I'm watching you eat cheetohs in your underwear" ..I would classify as a complete technical impossibility, definitely with the crt.Putting a ccd
    between the light source and the lcd would stop the light from projecting through the lcd(it would just be dark)lcd's work by electronicaly twisting a molecule in the path of light letting more or less through., Plasma screens I am not familiar. we had single circuit board cameras in the early 90's, With any pinhole camera you don't need an actual "pin hole" a transparent bit of plastic or even cloth speaker grill to look through works just fine
    the ir sensor for remote control is a semiconductor phototransistor that is sensitive in the IR is varies current through it usually in a on/off open/short it could not form images., but i wouldnt put it past some(?) gov building an ultra small camera to outwardly look like an ir sensor,but then the remote would not work and we're talking special application big $ highly important targets not average citizens eating cheetoh's.Hartage my friend I'm not trying to be rude but you gotta look at what a hostile intel service would gain, by watching you eating cheetohs in your gijoe jammy's( that s a joke please don't be offended.)
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    I'm on the side of crt not being feasable as an image gathering device. Why would I be offended ? I'm sure to filter noise out (targets of non interest) they would have to resort to some sort of point system based on computers doing the primary sorting. I'm not sure our video image analysis capability is anywhere near being able to use that. Audio yes, still images barely, but video ? We are very far from anything usable. Heck we are struggling with facial recognition, scene interpretation are orders of magnitude greater in difficulty. It would take artifical intelligence to have situational awareness from a video.

    Once quantum computing becomes a reality though... I would start to worry.
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    Ok I'm getting a headache from searching through old threads. Teach me to post something without the reference close to hand. I know that the details of the story were a method incorporated into TV sets after 95 that allowed them to be tapped. I don't know about the technology of it but it was a credible story.
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    didn't want you be embarrassed( we know all about the gijoe pajamas and spiderman bvd's)[lolol][lolol]... the part about the jammies...[beer]
    you are rightwith digital "everything" "evrything "becomes cheaper more feasible andmore efficient.
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    Now that's funny! That's the first thing that popped into my mind when the TV thing came up. :lol:
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    Gi Joe ? Spiderman jammies ??? WTF ? I only play with Superman jammies damnit ! Spiderman is soooo pase`[booze]
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    Eh don't stress over it there are always new stories on how our privacy/freedom are being eroded, because they are.
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