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    I am in the process of reading Lt Col David Grossman's book, "On Combat".

    This book is essential reading for all serving and ex service military, LEOs, First Responders (Ambulance, Paramedic, Fire Fighters) and anyone who may have to use deadly force to defend themselves or in defending others. This book should be on every prepper's bookshelf, read thoroughly and read regularly.


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    Fantastic book, as is "On Killing". He is also a very dynamic speaker. I once sat in a 4-hour PME (Professional Military Education) where he was the speaker. Not only was I not bored to tears, as is usual during PMEs, but I was surprised when the time was up. I also highly recommend The Bulletproof Mind, a video or audio seminar. I bought it for my platoon before deploying to Iraq, and it made a world of difference in how they responded to situations. Back then the DVD set was around $500, but you can download the audio for $25.
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    I am the weapon...all else are just tools at my disposal

    I also have the book "On Killing", and I will make the effort to have a look at the references cited in "On Combat".

    In the defence of myself and of others that I care about...I am the weapon, all the the technology that I may use in my defence (guns, knives, clubs, spears etc etc) are just tools. It makes sense to me to make the weapon that will save my life, or others' lives, as sharp, strong, powerful and durable as I can make it.

    Lt. Col. Dave Grossman Interview for the Bulletproof Mind for the Armed Citizen Seminar pt.1 - YouTube

    The Bullet Proof Mind: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman Part 1 - YouTube

    Lt. Col Dave Grossman's Bullet-Proofing the Mind - A MUST for every concealed-carrier
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    I read both and have to agree.
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