David Hasselhoff: Too drunk to fly

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    David Hasselhoff: Too drunk to fly

    Thursday, 27th July 2006, 13:30

    - David Hasselhoff was banned from a plane for being too drunk.

    The 'Baywatch' star, nicknamed The Hoff, turned up intoxicated to London's Heathrow airport at 7am yesterday (26.07.06), and then continued to knock back drinks in British Airways' first class lounge as he waited to board his 9.55am flight to Los Angeles. The troubled actor - who recently claimed he had beaten his alcohol problems - ranted to airline staff and VIP passengers about his divorce and moaned, "My life is a mess."

    An onlooker said: "He was drinking alone and staring into space, He started ranting incoherently. It was clear he was talking about his wife and the messy divorce. Her was sobbing and nodding his head."

    During his drunken stupor the star stumbled into a duty free shop and lifted up the manageress.

    Another witness revealed: "The manager said, 'I don't think you're fit to fly, sir.' He told her. 'I think you are right.'"

    Onlookers were even more horrified when a dark wet patch appeared around the actor's groin area.

    BA staff decided Hasselhoff was unfit to travel and asked him to sleep it off and wait for another flight.

    He was finally allowed to board a flight two hours later, but was taken there in a buggy - usually reserved for elderly passengers.

    A BA spokesman confirmed: "A male passenger was denied boarding on the BA279 Heathrow to Los Angeles service because he was deemed unfit to travel. He was assessed later and passed fit to fly on BA283.

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    Must be really ruff living and working in Holly Wood.[violin]
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