David Rockefeller Dead

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Mar 20, 2017.

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  4. chelloveck

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    Oh my MG....where is the respect for the dead, that I was hearing that is so important at SM? I guess D. Rockefeller does not warrant the same kind of reverence as god botherin', conservative A. Scalia.
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  6. ghrit

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    Respect for the dead is earned while alive. YMMV, uv cuss.
  7. Legion489

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    Well I for one agree with Chelloveck on this one. I never say anything about the dead unless it is good. David Rockefeller is dead. Good.

    As to if he is really dead, did anyone drive a wooden stake through his heart to make sure?
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  8. chelloveck

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    I guess its a matter of MMVing quite a bit....Scalia may have earned respect from some...but not all....and D.R. may have earned respect from some...but not all....I sense that SM is more of a Scalia fan club than a Rockefeller fan club...but the dead are dead, and as it was made clear to me...it is bad form to disparage the recently dead. Is there some redeeming extenuating circumstance in this thread's case that didn't apply to Scalia's....other than Scalia's popularity here?
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  9. ghrit

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    C'mon now, chelly. I did NOT refer to respect earned by either of the luminaries. A simple statement of WHEN respect is earned doesn't limit the discussion to a comparo of Scalia to Rockefeller. Since the thread is about Rock, your using Scalia to draw in a contrast appears a deliberate effort to drag the thread astray. I really don't care if anyone crows about the death of either one, nor if they are elevated to demigod status for worship by sheep or sheepdogs.
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  10. Dunerunner

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    I wasn't in the will so AMF...
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    I still remember when I was young if I was slow or did not close a door in the winter my mother would say "were not the Rockefeller's we can't heat the outdoors close the door" :)

    I dearly love my Mother and I remind her of this type of thing and we laugh about it. By the way I dearly love my Mother.
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    I like it.
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  13. Mindgrinder

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    Yes. It's more "relief" than "joy".
    Please use realistic comparisons.
    Perhaps Hitler...or Soros....or Rothschild...or Kissinger.
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    Yepers on the first three MG.
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  15. chelloveck

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    I guess there'll be the same kind of dancing and jubilation on Drumpf's grave when that time comes....the same comparisons might also hold true with that grave occupant in his turn...at least Adolf showed some personal courage in WW1...whereas I suspect that Donald's medals during the Vietnam War era were more of the shoe-shining and draft exemptions kind....

    When Drumpf takes America closer to its Gotterdammerung I wonder if an American Stauffenberg will emerge?
  16. Asia-Off-Grid

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    Well, some of you are going to really think badly of me, then. My brother-in-law died, oh, last year I guess? I spoke similarly - good riddance. I hope my sister goes too, long before me. Some people are just mean. Both of them treated me like sh*t whenever I was around them as a boy.

    Granted, I was spoiled by my mother when I was a child. But, don't blame that on the child. They only know what they were taught. I just remembered how much I couldn't stand her and him, by the way they treated me. I was so happy when I became an adult. They couldn't do that any longer.

    Sign me, happier when the b*tch passes.

    Oh, to make sure I stay on topic here, I have no lost love for D. Rockerfeller, either.
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  17. Mindgrinder

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    Democracy Hating Lefties are certainly feeling quite comfy calling for his death....
    They fear Kek.

  18. Brokor

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    Well, his death certainly didn't come soon enough.
    The Socialist Pig is dead, finally.
    Plenty more where he came from.
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  19. Motomom34

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    This ^^^^ LOL! had the same thing said to me. All I know is that Rockerfeller was rich and we were not. Did not know the fellow so I really am neutral on his death.
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  20. ghrit

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    Dave said:
    I believe that government is the servant of the people and not their master.
    That does NOT sound like a socialist to me. Now, the foundation is philanthropic, and no doubt tries to use politics to promote its agenda. And the bank is naturally interested in making money for its stockholders, a VERY capitalistic philosophy, even when using politics to further its agenda.

    But happiness over his demise is misplaced, or so I think. Motomom34 is on track with neutrality.
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