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    To day at work I found the stuff to make a David sling being thrown out so I took it and in about 35 to 40 minutes I had this sling made up first throw with it was two hundred yards plus with a piece of lime rock that was catching air it works very well better rocks will make a lot longer flights KIMG1200_01.JPG
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    I have only one problem with a sling, making one is easy, storing one is easy, finding ammunition is easy , using one is easy, throwing rock a long distance and hitting with enough force to be effective is easy, the only problem I still have is hitting my target. If you even think you are every going to use one, start practicing yesterday and practice today and tomorrow. Bishop makes so many things look easy and to him they are. He doesn't talk the talk and walk the walk, he actually does it. I thank him for all of his skills and his excellent presentations and hope that I can, with practice, achieve at least some of the results he does with one or two of the excellent tools he demonstrates. In my own mind the main reasons I read this blog are the excellent tips I receive from others on so many survival things, sling shots, vinegar, knives, etc, and the positive reinforcement that there are others out there that are worried about the direction we as a world seem to be heading and are trying in our own ways to do something about it
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    A sling was a tool for doing bloody murder before armies came together in the bad 'ole days to settle their differences with the edge of a sword.

    Unlike arrows, you can't really track a lead bullet from a sling and pop your shield up in time to intercept it.

    And slung-shot worked quite well against lightly armored troops. Not quite as well as a barbed arrow, but well enough to spoil anyone's day.

    Slingers usually ditched their slings and ammo before transitioning to sword and axe because if they got caught with a sling, it tended to put their captors in a very bad mood. Bad enough to maybe skip the whole ransom routine, and get right on down to the torture-as-entertainment option.
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    I like torture yes in a lot of the movies you see they don't show the slingers they were like the archers I read a story about the crusader and how a fortified position ran out of ammo and they we're taking the blood and brains from there enmies and mixing with clay to form glades and baking them into rocks killing them with there in men was it true I don't know but I have made clay glades they will kill
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    Could you show us a glade ?
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    Yes I will make some up
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    Here the David Sling video

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    Always enjoy your videos,Keep them coming!
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