DC steals vet's guns

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, May 18, 2012.

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    I don't really see any other solution other than a reboot and rewrite:

    MILLER: Injured vet

    A gem:
    So, according to this, you really can't buy a firearm and transport it to your home...you have to smelt some ore, hand forge it, drill barrel, carve stock...all in your garage. (sigh) DC needs an enema...there is nothing worth saving there except architecture.
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    The residents voted these self-serving shysters into power. If they can grow a pair each, they can vote the barstages OUT, and put some people of principle into office - but I do not hold my breath for that to happen.
    Were I the soldier, I would have the individuals in question charged with firearm theft, get the BATFE into the game. Fear of a federal felony might just loosen their larcenous fingers........
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    Technically he did break the law by stopping in DC, but, the charges were dropped after a 9 month probation period and the DA release the guns. Metro PD is now screwing with him and has probably already either destroyed the guns or sold them. If you go down in the comments section, there is a comment with the person responsible for releasing his guns with an email address. Maybe send an email asking WTF?
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    REally enough to get highly ticked off. Maybe the Lt. needs to watch an old movie named "TANK" with James Garner. Wonder if it would get the politicos attention if they stared down the barrel of a 120 mm? I know it will not happen but nice to think about it.
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    Tank was a great movie. I recall one scene where the bikers were taking stuff from a store and the mgr. said "Hey, what are you guys doing?" One of them calmly looks up and says "Stealing." Then continues looting.

    Of course, I don't condone such things...it was just funny.
  6. Alpha Dog

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    This is sickning seeing how the US goverment is treating us and how states are picking and doing what the Feds can't legally do. I have never understood how the Feds can't do somethingsbut yet the state it's self can pass and enforce laws that violate our rights. This is also a case where in my opinion the L.E.O. was an A$$ and should have used some descretion. First if a Lt. which shows a well rounded adult and has to be pertty clean, after me asking as an L.E.O. to search his vehicle and the Lt gives me consent to search I find high end guns and parts. plus with him just leaving the doctors from being hurt in combat heading home. Me as an L.E.O. would maybe question a little about the guns and advise the Lt about the violation he is in with my state's law. I would then shake the Lt's hand thank him for his sevice and sacrifice and give him directions to get back on track. This is a carreer military man not a boot just home from training, these are high end guns not beat up throw away guns and he felt he had nothing to hide he let me search. Just my way of thinking but this is wrong and I think we will start seeing more and more states start trying this type of B/S
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    I think one of the factors in this story that the LEO had to consider, was the fact that his state had wrongly reported his drivers license as suspended. Im not advocating, just good to know the whole story. MPD like other PD's is just playing big bully now and may or may not want to admit that the guns have been either lost or destroyed.
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    If the Guy had been an FFL, He could have claimed that the weapons were "inventory" and Removing Inventory from an FFL, without the proper Paperwork, is a Federal Felony, and ATF would MAKE any State or Local Cops Release the weapons back to the FFL, PERIOD. The State or local Caps would be looking a FEDERAL Time in the GrayBar Hotel, and ATF has NO Humor, in enforcing that Federal Statute, ANYWHERE in the USA. The Weapons would be returned.... ASAP.... and the whole affair would be quietly sweeped under the Rug.... or a US Marshal would locking these Idiots up in their OWN Cells.... If I was this fellow, I would be filing a Stolen Weapons Affidavit with ATF, so that if ANY of these weapons show up, in any Investigation, they immediately get flagged as Stolen, In the FBI Database. That will cause some very BAD things to happen, to whom ever is in possession, and anyone traced back to the original taking.... ..... YMMV....
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    I wonder if that also applies for an FFL03 license. (grabbing book now)
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  10. BTPost

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    Goes DOUBLE for Class 3 Weapons, especially if they were in transit, between States, with an ATF Approved Transfer.... Those local COps would be in SO MUCH Trouble... a Hornets Nest in the face, would be much preferred... Can you Imagine, Standing before a FEDERAL Judge, in you spiffy local Cop Uniform, being accused of Theft of a Class 3 Weapon, and your council is your local City Attorney?
  11. VisuTrac

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    I wasn't so much pointing to a class 3 weapon but a FFL03 curios and relics FFL holder.

    It's an FFL, just can't get modern weapons with it.
  12. VisuTrac

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    Saaaaweet! It applies to Curio and Relic collectors also!

    Fines and imprisonment for stealing a firearm from a licensed dealer. “A person who steals any firearm from a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, licensed dealer, or licensed collector shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.” 18 U.S.C. 924(m).


    It seems that he should have been carrying an M1 Garand and an original 1911 recorded in his bound book.

    Now that would be some fireworks!

    Anyway, It seems that DC and NYC are some of those areas that Violate the safe passage statute on a regular basis.
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    Ok, Just didn't get the 03 Thing.... Yea, It is a Statute with BIG Teeth.....
  14. goinpostal

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    Wanta take any bets on whether they became someone in charge's safe queens??
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