DEA monitors gun shows by scanning license plates

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by CATO, Jan 28, 2015.

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    If they're looking to stop the guns going to the mexican cartels I can help. There is a couple dudes in D.C. that are doing it big time, names sotero and holder. Go git 'em boys.
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    Wonder how a yellow cabbie would feel about loading his trunk with the cases of ammo I plan to buy at the next show..:rolleyes:
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    "Planned to" but not actually done. ( allegedly )

    Source via Drudge.

    Believe what you want but IMHO just moar fearmongering.
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    DEA doesn't need it(or at least admit to it) now. Little big city near me already has it as does daughters big little town. My own town doesn’t but nearby town they share gear and ops with does. With the amount of info sharing(for the kids safety you know) doesn't matter who owns it. If they are running up and down wally world parking lots looking for parking ticket skips I gotta believe they would use it to justify there own worthless existence if for no other reason. Just the opinion of one old "outspoken" vet who is probably on more lists than I can count already.
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    Years back in Wash. State I have personally watched "guys in suits" walking through the parking lots of the central wash. state fairgrounds during a gun show weekend noting down plate #'s. I have also observed the same in Denver county at the location of a meeting to talk of forming militia(s) in that area. In this case they were taking pics of every rig in the parking lots. Good thing some folks parked a couple blocks away and hoofed it:sneaky:
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    If I saw ANYONE taking Pictures, or writing down License Plate Numbers in a Public Parking Lot, I would immediately walk to within 25 ft of them and take their Picture, with my Phone, and I would inform them, that I would be publishing their Picture, as well as contacting ANY and ALL local Media..... "Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander......."
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    Agree sir, but this was back when cell phones were still mounted in your car/truck in the first case, and in the second the cells didn't have cameras in them at least mine didn't.
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    If I did that, I would make sure that they saw that I was Open Carrying at the time.
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    Years ago "they" did photograph entrants at shows. I remember using a hat/sunglasses the first time they announced their intents. Now I could care less, probably on those same lists with "Old Dawg"--lol. Do not know about other states but in NC the LEOs can pull up your info from your license tag--they also have "readers" now. They simply electronically scan tags as they drive or as you drive by.
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