DEA wants to hassle Mormons or preppers...

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, May 21, 2012.

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    ...under the umbrella of protection.

    DEA wants to scan license plates on I-15 in southern Utah | Deseret News


    Get used to this...then, they'll add a little bit more...then more. Before you know it, you're boiled in a pot and you didn't even know it.
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    This doesn't surprise me. I think it's good but bad, useful but I'm sure I'd get nabed for "something" and then they'd be like, no seatbelt, stereo too loud, you look funny...yada yada...
  3. fedorthedog

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    I think under the freedom of information act someone could get the info.

    I also thought Mormon's were Prepper's
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    My new plate...

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  5. CATO

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    They are...but their mindset is a little different. Like us, they want to be prepared by having ample food during uncertain times.

    However, we add the clause: have enough ammo and weapons to protect your ample food supply during uncertain times...lots of ammo.
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  6. BTPost

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    I think you misunderstand the Mormon Philosophy concerning Individual Protection of FAMILY, by it's Members. This issue goes way back to the 1830s and 40s, and when the Mormons were driven out of Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois, by MOBs, and the Founder of the Church, Murdered. After these things happened, and during the move West, to Utah, Mormons were enlisted in the Mexican War as the Mormon Battalion. They learned much, during that service, to a country that forced them to flee, from their Homes. When these boys returned to Utah, from California, after being Mustered Out, they brought all their weapons with them, and the saying was " Never Again will we be bullied, or MOBed" When the President of the United States sent the Johnston Army to the Utah Territory, to put down a so-called "Rebellion" the Mormons took action, in their own Defense. They attacked, and destroyed, the Supply Trains, that followed the Armies March. Disrupted their movements, and forced them to spend a very cold winter at Fort Laramie, with few provisions. Then they were ready to Burn Down everything, in the way of the Spring Push, and move south, out of the valley with a Scotched Earth Policy, should the Army make it thru the Mountain Passes into the Valley, which they had heavily fortified. "Never Again" was the Watchword for the defenders. Turned out they didn't have to fight one Battle, as the "Army" was starving, and in such a poor state, they couldn't have attacked anything. The "Army" was ALLOWED, to move thru SaltLake City with NO Colors Flying, and setup a small Fort, just south of the "Point of the Mountain" which is still an Army Base, Today. Their supplies had to be purchased from the Mormons, and their Supply Trains, from the east, were NOT ALLOWED, to have ANY Armed Escorts thru the Territory. "Never Again" is still the Watchword" to this day. You will NOT hear much about what the Utah Valley Mormons have in the way of weapons, as these are FAMILY Issues, but I KNOW, that at the first sign of an Intrusion, by an Outside Force, by use of Arms, it would take less than a Day, to form up Companies of Armed Men, able to defend their Homes and families. "Never Again" ...... YMMV....
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  7. CATO

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    Jeez BT....I was joking------tongue in cheek.

    I understand things fine. Give it a rest.
  8. larryinalabama

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    Thats the "ROOTS" of the morman "CULT", I guress Im not politically correct but the reason the reilgion was fouded was axcess between mulitiple wemons legs, while that is somewhat bibically corrrect, the day of atult hood is 13, many of the mormans founders took multiple wives of a much lower age similar to the religion founded by Muhommed shortly after Christ died. muhommed took wives a young as 8 years old. Both cults or religions are tough, islam has far more numbers and both tend to hate Jews even though Jeasus was a Jew.

    The problem the UNITED STATES now faces we will elect the next current leader who doesnt believe in God!!!!!
  9. RightHand

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    Larry, would you be surprised to hear that many people don't believe in God? and they are still good, decent, hard working and moral people?
  10. larryinalabama

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    With all due respect and for the sake of conversion............

    Where do MORALS come from????????????
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  11. fedorthedog

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    Whose morals: Cannibals felt they were morally and legally correct. Morals are an agreed upon set of rules for an orderly society. In the past most societies did not apply these rules to their enemies. Rape was bad but ok if it was an enemy woman.
  12. larryinalabama

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    Nothing "moral" about all that mess

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  13. Witch Doctor 01

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    Society... it's better to use accepted social moraes than to have to kill each other off.... as to your use of the word cult you need to look it up... Christianity is a cult... the standard definition of a cult is

    <sup></sup>   /kʌlt/ Show Spelled[kuhlt] Show IPA
    noun 1. a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.

    2. an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult.

    3. the object of such devotion.

    4. a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.

    5. Sociology . a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols.

    sorry but i kinda hate it when someone puts down another religion...
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  14. RightHand

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    Sorry to disagree Larry but I don't think morals come from God any more than I think homosexuality comes from "satan." Morals are not the exclusive province of the Judeo-Christian world. I believe that morals evolve in a society over time and in context of the culture in which they exist. Our ethics and moral compasses are, to an extent, self defined and self serving. The saying "honor among thieves" comes to mind. I may find thievery immoral but within that limited community that accepts it as the norm, honor is moral and dishonor is immoral. It's completely in context.

    My moral character is a result of the family in which I was raised and I'm quite satisfied with my value system but drop me into the center of an Amish community and I would be seen as a woman of low moral character. If I were/am viewed as immoral by others, it's of little matter to me.
  15. Bluenote

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    So are you postulating that none but those who believe in " God" are capable of morals?
  16. Brokor

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    The day a human being dares to insist they are moral only because of the belief in an invisible being and expects me to believe it based on the track record any 2nd grade child can obtain, (dare we count the holy wars waged in the name of gods?) I will sprout wings myself and declare to be Metatron and imbibe gasoline, strike a match and self ignite.

    Be good. Love one another. Be honest with yourself. Stand ready.

    That being said, I have nothing further to add.
  17. Mountainman

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    Morals come from the inner soul that is influenced by your experiences and your upbringing, not from someone that is telling you how to be moral and getting paid for it every Sunday.
  18. jim2

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    True morality comes from God, who also wrote that code on every heart whether we wish to listen or believe in it or not (Natural Law). Anything else is just the standard moral relativism, and means nothing because it varies all the time and in accordance with a selfish individual's will.

    We all know that it is "wrong" to commit murder, and this is obvious to the most rudimentary thinker. How come we all know that even if not told so? Written upon our hearts, even thoug in constant battle with our carnality. Natural Law if you will.

    God's morailty keeps me from doing things that my carnal mind/heart wants me to do even though I know it is wrong. How can that be bad? Am I forcing anyone to believe my way? No. However, I will force you to comply with morality or mortality should you take a notion to rob, murder, harass, or injure me or mine as would most anyone else here.

    If you wish to sacrifice small animals to your god, or even worship absolutely nothing, it is none of my business. You will answer to God for your actions as I also will. I mind my own business and expect you to mind yours.

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  19. Brokor

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    I'm not biting.

    Keep your religion in the religious section of the forum. Always remember you are communicating with other human beings who might actually have a high enough IQ to call BS when they read it.
  20. RightHand

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    If morals are based solely on the word of God, using the ten commandments as the biblical Bill of Rights/Bill of Forbidden, are there any circumstances in which one of the ten commandments could be broken but the act still be moral? Take, for example, stealing. Stealing from avarice would be immoral but would stealing food to feed your starving family also be immoral? Thou shalt not kill is commandment number one, clearly immoral in our culture and by the word of God. However, what if I kill defensively to protect my life or that of another, or in combat in defense of my country? Would either of those qualify as moral acts?

    I'm always confused by absolutes.
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