Dead Birds in the U.S. and Europe.

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    The HAARP array is in full operation, and we know nothing about its funding since it is secret, as is its operational capabilities. Placating the issue is just as pointless as any claims to conspiracy, in fact it's worse.

    YouTube - Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: "HAARP" (FULL LENGTH)

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    HARRP is funded by the Navy, and National Science Foundation. It is NOT Full Operational, as of November, when I was there, last. The last of the Antenna Arrays were still being installed, and emitter Calibration was NOT yet complete, for the Phase Two Emitter Chain, and can NOT be even started on the Phase Three Emitter Chain until the Antennas are installed, which will not be until Spring 2011. The Phase Three PowerHouse that will power the Phase Three System is not yet operational. Maybe by this time next year, they "might just" get the whole System Online, but not really likely. Nice line of BS though....
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    Dr. Nick Begich disagrees with you and so do I. In fact, he has the documentation to prove it.

    Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP

    You may live in the area, but it does not make you an expert.
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    Broker.... Read my 'About Me" blog.... I have the expertise, and have been Onsite, in an Official capacity....
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    In that case, I trust absolutely nothing you have to say about this matter. Ignore the videos I posted.

    I like it better when you talk about solar living. I don't trust government employees, call me crazy.
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    Whoa.... lots happenin' in this thread.

    Drumbo> BINGO on this article, Beekeeper Who Leaked EPA Documents: "I Don't Think We Can Survive This Winter" | Fast Company. I’m going to admit I picked out the article with the word “leaked” in it and didn’t follow your other links except the thread here on honey which…. I’d not read before. Clothianidin is a neonicotinoid. But…. it’s not just Bayer… it’s Monsanto and Dow Agro pumping out neonicotinoids at an unprecedented rate to keep up crop production to "mask" deficiencies in their pesticide dependent GM crops that they’re patenting and pushing on us….. so much for traditional plant breeding programs combined with sustainable practices that served us well for centuries and…. the EPA has been accepting their “science” when rushing their GM seed and pesticides through the “process”. Remember.... there's a lot of money at stake here selling GM seed and all the marvels of our new and improved pesticides and petroleum dependent fertilizers to "developing" countries in this "warming" world of ours. Anywho....I can’t find any independent inquiries… can you>>>? Our EPA is evidently accepting the science of the likes of "save the global community" Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, DuPont, and Bayer. Imagine that…. real cost saver to the American taxpayer forgoing independent research to verify biotech's “science” is repeatable and falsifiable when they're using our lands for their "field trials", eh? This practice is NOT in the best interests of public health and we should have NEVER allowed the patenting of life.

    If we maintain hives…. my thoughts are the best thing we can do is ditch our non-native ornamentals and replace them with North American locally native plants that are best adapted to any climate change coming our way be it blizzards or baking suns and….. locally native plants co-evolved with for tens of thousands of years in our ecosystems so they ARE "proven" winners (albeit un-patentable which means no money for BigHort) and don’t require synthetic fertilizers or herbicides or insecticides or fungicides or or or or….. and…. then we probably should begin learning as much as we can about organic gardening practices and how to apply them... just my opinion after sleeping at a Holiday Inn Express last night. ;) We’re just little people with nothing but our own land over which we have any exercisable control and I believe with all my heart the choices ordinary folk make do matter.
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    Drumbo>Way back you asked this, “I understand the problem of the "pest" birds. What I don't understand is how they target the starlings and limit unintended consequences to (for example) turtle doves.” I’m really sorry…. next time I miss a sincere request for help understanding why I posted something…. just bonk me over the head and I’ll do my very best… ok? Starlings…because of their extremely aggressive behavior toward other species combined with their roosting and flocking habits are….thankfully…. one of the few species that can be “targeted” using a poison. Here’s another recent mortality event from this month, Hundreds of Yankton, South Dakota birds poisoned by USDA - KTIV NewsChannel 4 Sioux City IA: News, Weather and Sports, “The USDA confirms the story, saying the deaths were part of a large killing at a private feed lot in Nebraska.

    They say a local farmer had been having troubles with about 5,000 starlings defecating in his feed meal. Department of Ag officials say because of health concerns for the farmer's animals and staff they decided to kill the birds.
    They used a bait laced with the poison DRC-1339. The USDA says the birds ate the bait then flew back to Yankton and died.” The USDA doesn’t exactly “broadcast” when or where they’ll be using a starlicide…. notifying ordinary folk (like you and me) of reduction events can be counter-productive and costly when factoring in the rumor mill. Think of all the animal whackos out there just waiting to jump in cars to get to a location for their 15 minutes of fame then… running around wearing cutsie little blackbirdie outfits with their arms in the air dispersing the flock while cameras roll for the 10 o’clock news. Anywho…. this is a good time of year to go for starlings because they’re not actively breeding so they’re all “hanging out” together…. birds of a feather, flock together and all. A pre-bait virtually eliminates collateral damage to non-target birds but even without the use of a pre-bait, there’d be few, if any, non-target casualties. Here’s how it works…. the starling roosting site or feedlot is identified and I believe 5k is the minimum that must be documented at a site before “treatment” can be considered. Pre-baits that do not contain the starlicide are placed beneath the roosting site or in the example above…at the feedlot. Next day…. poisoned baits are offered. The starlings learned they got a “hand-out” the day before with no ill-effects and will aggressively descend on the baits to the exclusion of other species. This behavior is basically “hardwired” into them which is why NO native species have been capable of controlling their numbers on this continent. Thousands of starlings descend on the “freebies” creating an impenetrable mob and even a crow or raven won’t stand a chance getting a crumb from poisoned bait in that feathered feeding frenzy. Hence…. starlings dropping from the skies or frozen to tree limbs at their roosting site. Timing is everything.
    This explains some “mortality” events but… certainly not all.
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    Oopsie…. you had one more, “Primarily? Primarily not harmful to pets or humans? What does that mean?” To each situation is brought a new set of variables. While the starlicide DRC-1339 really isn’t toxic to pets or humans when used in accordance with its label and while respecting protective measures…. consider that desperate people will go to desperate measures protecting their livelihoods. Think farmers when their livestock, crops, and family members are threatened by tens of thousands of these feathered rats. Some farmers have been known to take matters into their own hands creating their own starling DRC-1339 “concoctions” especially when they believe they’ve little to lose because their plight was ignored and they’re facing financial ruin. Starling reduction integrated pest management efforts require a multi-disciplinary effort. They must be coordinated properly or non-target species can be negatively impacted. Personally…. I find the use of most poisons to be barbaric. Not so with DRC-1339 which is readily absorbed into the starling’s circulatory system and death appears to be painless…. I’ve watched. Now.... if we could just find an integrated pest management practice as effective and painless for ALL free-roaming cats, rats, and feral pigs. And I do mean that.
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