Dead pets give birth to diamond ring

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    LONDON (AFP) - Sue Rogers will never be without her dead dogs and cat after having a diamond ring made from their ashes.


    Rogers, from Devon paid 3,200 pounds for the ring made from carbon extracted from the ashes of Lucky, an old English sheepdog, a golden retriever cross called Sam and a tom cat, Patch, a newspaper said Saturday.

    "I am delighted with my ring as it means I can have my pets with me at all times," Rogers told the Daily Mail newspaper.

    "My animals meant the world to me and even though they are gone they are still with me. It's a beautiful ring and such a brilliant idea."

    Rogers, 44, had previously kept the ashes of her pets on her mantelpiece until she learnt of LifeGem UK, which makes diamonds from the remains of humans and pets.

    A small amount of carbon from each set of ashes was heated at temperatures of 3,000 degrees Celsius to help make a rough diamond.

    The stone was then polished and certified before being set in a gold band.
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    We considered preserving memory of grandma this way.

    "I see you are wearing your grandma's ring" has a different meaning now for me
    we chose to pass go and not collect. She was to be buried at Arlington with her husband. Grandpa refused to go there as his parents plots were not there and he wanted to be buried next to them. so was she.
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