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    Feeling a bit nostalgic and was digging around on Youtube. I found a copy of this video. Originally it was made back in the '80s (or at least that's when I viewed a VHS copy of it) so the guns used are a bit dated. Nevertheless, there was pretty good information on weapons and their application. I first heard of Glaser Safety slugs here. It makes a great introductory video for anyone looking to learn more about guns and what they're capable of.

    It's broken into 8 segments for your viewing pleasure.

    1. Deadly Weapons: [1/8] - Various Handgun Cartridge Water Jug Penetration Test - YouTube

    2. Deadly Weapons: [2/8] - Various Handgun Cartridge Car Door Penetration Test - YouTube

    3. Deadly Weapons: [3/8] - Shot and Rifle Cartridge Penetration Tests - YouTube

    4. Deadly Weapons: [4/8] - Brush and Glass Penetration Test - YouTube

    5. Deadly Weapons: [5/8] - Car Door Penetration Test and .50 Caliber Explosion - YouTube

    6. Deadly Weapons: [6/8] - 7.62x51mm and .44 Magnum vs. Bullet Proof Vest - YouTube

    7. Deadly Weapons: [7/8] - Automatic Fire vs. Semi Automatic and Suppressor Comparison - YouTube

    8. Deadly Weapons: [8/8] - Suppressor Comparison and M60 vs. Car - YouTube
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    If you get the follow up Deadly Affects he has nothing nice to say about the safety slugs. He gets to bigger bullets are better.
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