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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by rsbhunter, Feb 23, 2012.

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    I might get the chance to buy a Outback FlexPower FP1-2 panel at an unbelievable price....It was ordered with a deposit, and then wasn't paid for...Company says it will sell (brand new on a pallet) WITH shipping, for less than the selling price....I know they go around 3550.00-3650.00...and i can get it for less than that, by about 300.00. I was going to build my own system, but if this deal does go through, i couldn't buy the componets alone at this price.....I'll know tomorrow or Monday if it's for real....rsbhunter
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    Nice find... Check the specs on the actual pieces of the package to make sure they are, what you intended to buy separately, for your system. You will never regret going with OutBack. It is the BEST in the Industry.... .... YMMV...
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    FP 1-2

    here is what is shown on the unit i'm getting...
    Outback, FLEXpowerONE VFX3648, with Bypass, GFDI, Mate2, HUB4, RTS, FM80, FN-DC, SP, 120V-60Hz, FP1-2

    I think it's what i'm looking for...will handle up to 4000 watts, 80 amp....unless i'm mistaken...rsbhunter
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    OutBack FP1-2

    Well, i started out to buy just the OutBack 48V charge controller, and when i called the same guy i got the panels from, he sold me the OutBack FP1-2 system.....someone had put a deposit on it, they had ordered it, and then the guy couldn't come up with the balance! So, I ended up getting the whole system with shipping, for alot less than most places are selling just the system.....I figured i had better do it now before shipping goes through the roof because of fuel prices..Anyway, except for maybe a couple of small items, like a remote battery temp sensor, and batteries , which will wait til the system is up, i'm pretty well set on the solar end...Thanks for all the help from everybody here, you all helped with the design of the system....rsbhunter
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