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  1. azrancher

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    Do I got your attention...

    I've often wondered, SSI, CSRS, FERS... how do they know you've died and stop the checks from coming to your spousal unit.

    I'm thinking I have this "friend" that is married to a retired CSRS employee, what if he had a stroke or alzheimer's or is in some other way going to die.

    What if you drive him South across the border, she is fluent in Spanish and put him in a care facility, I assume they have them.... what happens when they die.

    Do the checks keep coming, are they required in any way to report the death. They can be bought, do they need to be?

  2. Yard Dart

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    Not sure if the checks keep flowing.....but their voting rights will remain intact if they are a registered Dem.... [sarc1]
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  3. kellory

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    Certified death certificates are filed. It is a legal document, and your friend will be prosecuted for fraud, when caught, and the ill gotten gains will have to be returned along with fines.
    If they don't catch it before you die, it will get pulled from your kid's inheritance, before they can collect.
    .gov never forgives fraud. (Unless it is performed by them)
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  4. azrancher

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    Certified death certificates, yes in this country, what if it's Mexico or Honduras, or Costa Rica. Yes it would be fraud, I'm wondering how many people have gotten away with this???

    Think about it, does SS check to see if they are still alive at 120 years old?

  5. kellory

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  6. Salted Weapon

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    The law looks at two things ( I am not a lawyer, but I stayed at a Holiday inn Express last night ).

    Intent to defraud
    Benefits of the recipient.

    I have seen cases like this go bad quickly, in our area alone people have been prosecuted.
    One such case was one where the person went to Canada, similar to your situation you explain.
    When they eventually could not resolve the issue they went after the innocent next of kin.
    Think about this a moment how many murder cases go to trial and convict a person of murder when there
    is no body, motive, or evidence. The Government doesn't seek truth they seek justice and they care not who falls as long as someone does. You ever hear the mentality sometimes of quotas for speeding tickets ? The cops are allegedly told get a certain amount of tickets period, same here they office in charge of funds is told get the money period.

    Can it be done, I suppose if one has no kids or relatives, and no property etc. Then they can take money from no one .
    I have an issue with the morality of it, yes the Gov lies cheats and steals, that should not justify the people doing so.
    Just my opinion.
  7. Gator 45/70

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    Yep, Dads first job was driving a tank to Berlin
    After that he worked all his life
    At age 62 he started drawing SS
    Died 2.5 months later.
    Youngest daughter was 15 at the time so her mom got 1/2 for 3 years
    What happened to the rest of his money he paid in?
  8. Motomom34

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    Good question @azrancher but it does make me worry about Mrs AZrancher.

    @Gator 45/70
    It is gone. No one will get it and that is that. Just like the illegals that get social security taken out of their checks, they will never receive SS.
  9. kellory

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    Most illegals get paid cash, under the table, and no records kept. (Let alone, any taxes paid).
    Many can't speak more than a few simple sentences, in English, and send the money home, while taking every freebee available.
    Usually the only real taxes paid are in the form of sales tax, when they buy something in cash.
    In california, i didn't know a single illegal with a checking account. They used the higher cost check cashing places.
  10. azrancher

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    Welcome back Motomom34, we were worried about you, and how do you know there is a Mrs AZrancher... but she is safe, and I've gone thru her dad having Alzheimer's, it doesn't take long, he was an O6 so I think his wife is well off, currently 93 and in a care facility, the hardest part was taking her car away, people kept running into it in the grocery store parking lot. I have long term care insurance so as long as Mrs. AZ can keep me alive she will still get my checks.

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  11. UncleMorgan

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    Social Security is a Socialist fraud, as it has been since the get-go. Once you pay in, it's not your money anymore and you get back exactly what they choose to give you.

    Anything based on future promises, the same being Social Security's only foundation, is usually a lie. The longer those promises project into the future, the less likely they will be honored.

    I quit believing in SS in 1970--when I first discovered it was a Ponzi scheme and had already been looted.

    The fact that I'm actually receiving SS now shocks me speechless.

    That's part of the reason I had to write this.
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  12. Legion489

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    Posted by Salted Weapon: "The Government doesn't seek truth they seek justice and they care not who falls as long as someone does."

    I agreed with you totally up to this point. The Gov't does NOT care about "justice", they only care about getting money out of the situation. Throwing people in jail/prison generates money for the state and MONEY is ALL they care about.
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  13. azrancher

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    Of course back when FDR invented SS, most people would be dead at age 65, but people felt better that they would be cared for in their old age.

    I went to a retirement class where the instructor told us that CSRS was a bad idea and she advised her husband to convert to FERS, which basically matches whatever investment into your retirement fund (your money) whereas CSRS goes away when you die...

    Do I really care?

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  14. BTPost

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    Both AlaskaChick and I are now collecting our SS, each month, I suspect, barring a Major medical Issue, that we will get ALL of what we put IN, Out, before we Croak... (Thank You ALL, for keeping the Ponzi Scheme going for another Decade....) That plus my Pension Money, and a little Income from the Cannery, and we are doing just fine.... Especially since we have all our Preps, pretty much nailed down, decades ago, so there isn't a big drain on our Disposable Income, dealing with those.... My Old Man, taught ALL his children, to be Frugal, and Conservative with their Incomes.. He lead by example, in that our Mother was completely taken care of, when he died, and there was Funds, and Preps, to distribute to My Siblings, when Mom Passed On.... We have similar Plans, for when get OLDer, and so do my Siblings for their families. Those that didn't plan for the future, Well "To Bad, So Sad"....
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  15. GOG

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    @Legion489, not just money, power. They crave power as much, if not more than money.
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  16. fedorthedog

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    By law the local coroner is notified of all deaths. They have responsibility to notify the government, state licensing etc.
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