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    Surprising this is on CNN. I'm going to copy/paste because I doubt it
    will be for long. No. 10 is crap question...should be replaced with
    something about Fast&Furious. I would love to see someone ask him #6
    on national TV, although, it doesn't really matter because his voters
    just don't care about something they don't have to worry about.

    1) More than 50 U.S. and coalition soldiers have been killed so far
    this year by supposedly friendly Afghan forces. Two Americans were
    fatally shot just last week by Afghans we trained and equipped. These
    so-called "green on blue" attacks now account for 14 pct of all coalition

    In 2009, you ordered 33,000 additional U.S. forces into Afghanistan.
    Three years later, Afghanistan looks no more stable than it did in
    2009. Can you tell us specifically what the Afghan surge accomplished?

    2) Campaigning in 2008, you called for tearing down the walls that
    separated the Muslim world from the West. You granted your first
    post-inauguration interview to Al Arabiyya television and told the
    interviewer: "My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the
    Americans are not your enemy." You traveled to Cairo, Egypt, in 2009
    to deliver a speech offering "a new beginning" in U.S. relations with
    the Islamic world.

    With the discovery that our ally Pakistan was home to Osama bin Laden,
    with a 9-11 denialist now elected president of Egypt, with our
    embassies under attack, with the news only in this past week that an
    Egyptian schoolteacher was sentenced to six years in prison for
    postings judged offensive to Islam on his Facebook page and mobs in
    Bangladesh burning Buddhist temples -- why have your hopes for change
    been so brutally disappointed?

    3) After the lethal attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, U.S.
    intelligence agencies collected information that the attacks were
    premeditated and coordinated by elements of al Qaeda in Libya, and
    timed to the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. Yet your administration
    insisted for more than a week that the attacks were a spontaneous
    reaction to a YouTube video. Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United
    Nations, was sent to five Sunday morning shows to repeat a claim that
    she -- and you -- had to have known was untrue. The video maker is now
    under arrest, ostensibly because of parole violations, but pretty
    obviously for exercising his free-speech rights. Why didn't you just
    tell the truth to the American people from the start?

    4) Can you today guarantee that Iran will not have acquired a nuclear
    weapon by the time you finish a second term in office?

    5) You inherited the worst economic crash since the 1930s. The economy
    hit bottom in the summer of 2009 and a recovery then began.
    Congratulations. Yet this recovery has been the slowest and weakest
    since World War II. Nobody blames you for the collapse. But why
    shouldn't Americans blame you for the meager record since recovery
    began more than three years ago?

    6) You propose to allow the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 to expire
    on income above 250,000. That would raise the top rate of federal
    income tax back to 39.6 pct. When the Affordable Care Act is fully
    implemented, the top rate will rise past 40 pct, including the new health
    care surtax. Almost all states collect income taxes of their own,
    rising nearly to 10 pct in California and even beyond in Oregon. Do you
    believe there a percentage level at which the government is taking
    just too much? What is it?

    7) You emphasize more college education as the most important way to
    raise worker wages. Yet even before the Great Recession began, wages
    were actually dropping for new college graduates. As technology
    enables the outsourcing of white-collar jobs, too, it's ceasing to be
    true that a college degree in itself translates into a rising standard
    of living. Got any other ideas?

    8) You've expressed concern about growing wealth disparities in
    America. One cause of those disparities is the huge surge of low-wage
    immigration since 1970: almost 30 million newcomers. These newcomers
    are three times as likely as the native-born to lack a high-school
    diploma. Even before the Great Recession, they were 50 percent more likely to
    be poor than the native-born. The best data show that even the
    great-grandchildren of low-skill Latino immigrants continue to
    struggle in the high-tech economy. Your immigration proposals call for
    granting illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, creating incentives
    for more illegal entry in the future and continuing family
    reunification policies that will maintain our present low-skill
    immigration intake for years and decades to come. How do you reconcile
    your immigration proposals with your promise to strengthen the
    American middle class?

    9) Your administration reacted to the financial crisis with an 800
    billion fiscal stimulus. You promised that it would create jobs and
    rebuild American infrastructure. Yet Amtrak's latest plan for the
    Northeast rail corridor can promise no shortening of travel times
    until the 2040s. Can you give examples of any real-life improvements
    to our infrastructure that were achieved by your stimulus? Please be
    as specific as possible.

    10) If you're re-elected in 2012, what hope is there that the next
    four years will be less acrimonious and ineffectual than the past two?
    Can you acknowledge any fault at all on your own side for the
    paralysis in Washington -- and what will you change to try to make
    your second term less rancorous than your first?
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    The sad fact is almost 50% of the country lives off the government with handouts and free money in our entitlement society. What really needs to happen is for them to complete some form of education, find a job, take responsibility of their families they have and get rid of the victim mentality. Once that starts to happen and they become self-sufficient- then they will start asking questions about things- like what the hell is that "hoppie-changie" slogan really supposed to mean...
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